Thursday, October 06, 2011

And what have YOU been up to?

Hey Kids!
Wondering why we haven't been blogging so much? Why all those questions about TDI have been sitting on the world wide web lonely and unanswered?
Truth is, I'm lazy.

But more than that ... 
Todd and I have been spending most of our free time over the past while creating and developing new animated shows. It's what we do for fun when we're not directing or designing shows created by other people.

Well it turns out what we do for fun... is now our JOB too!
Teletoon has just greenlit Neptoon's first original series:
We're really happy to be teaming up with the folks at Fresh TV to produce this great 1/2 hour comedy to be appearing on your TVs in 2013. (heck who knows, by 2013 you might be watching our shows on the brims of your hats or on the backs of your eyelids ... but I digress)

You can read more about the greenlight and our distribution partner Fremantle Media here.
We'll let you know more about the show soon ... follow Todd and I on Twitter .. I might update there a little more often.

Probably not.


ribbonfly said...

I heard about this on the re:fresh blog. Sounds interesting can't wait.

MilaYin said...

I can't wait for this! It's gonna rock :D

Anonymous said...

I was reading about this, totally stoked!XD My hat-lids await!

ribbonfly said...

I just noticed the skull symbol.

Anonymous said...

Technically you're right we now have hats you can place your iphone on and watch the show.