Saturday, September 17, 2011

Shirt Sizes

Hey Kids!
I've had a lot of requests for both the Jeopardy and Skull shirts!
I've gone through the lot and here's what we have left:

Jeopardy Question Shirt -- XL (10 left) -- XXL (3 left)
Skull Shirt -- S (2 left) -- XL (2 left)
Sorry we don't have all the sizes -- they were pretty popular items.
Shirts are $25 a piece plus shipping/handling.
We will ship anywhere that Canada Post ships and we accept PayPal only.
order by emailing us:


ultimateTDfan said...

hey are you guys having the hallowe'en contest this year if you are i already have the stuff picked out. please if you're having one this year go ahead and post about it before october 3rd please.

Julie said...

hey its time for the halloween contest isnt it? i already have some things for mine.

Anonymous said...

I wish that the clothes of the other characters would be on sale like these