Monday, November 01, 2010



xX-Callisto-Xx said...

I was expecting AnimentalCosplayer to enter this contest due to seeing her on dA quite a bit. :3

I'm also expecting MirrorCover to enter too though. XP They both have wonderful Heather cosplays.

Bah. I need to enter my pumpkin. But I can't take a picture of it while my mom is in the living room. She's working and won't let me turn off all the lights in till she goes to sleep. D:

TotalDramaPrincess said...

MirrorCover! And AnimentalCosplayer! Know these people, both pretty awesome :D

Anonymous said...


In the words of Duncan I found the only way to express my feelings on how long it took to make Heather's "Heather" cosplay (The one wearing the TDI outfit, World Tour outfit, PJs, sunglasses and bald cap). I remember her constantly pricking her finger as she tried to had sew through various layers of pleather. I still can't believe I made a decent pattern for those shorts....we bought all the fabric to be as accurate as possible. And the detail on the Shirt...with the circle that makes no sense at all....I swear we must have had pixie dust in our back pocket and the magic rubbed off on us and somehow made this work...XD

Overall the contestants this year have amazing costumes and I can't wait to see the other entries. I would have entered as well if I actually finished my costume...I have all my props done though...if only this was a prop contest haha

Anonymous said...

I vote for the one with the TDI, TDA and TDWT, and PJs and bald cap, she looks soo freaking one!

Heather said...

Am I on dA /that/ much? -dumb question since I know I am- :P
&& I still love your pumpkin~ Especially the Alejandro/Heather part ((especially since you gave her long hair! I love her long black hair- which is why I'm so in love with my long black wig! haha <3))

P'shaww, you're pretty awesome yourself! Plus, your comments on my pictures always make me happy! :D

First Anonymous ((who I know is Veve)):
I actually started to bleed after pricking myself so much. Sewing one of these shoes for 3 hours straight...-dies- o__O
AHAHA! "The circle that makes no sense at all". I think my idea for the circle worked pretty well, though :] && yes, we totally borrowed some of Chef's pixie dust to make this happen. <3 hehe.
I can't wait until your costume is done as well && as always, thanks for your help!

Second Anonymous:
Whoever you are, I love you XD;
Seriously though, I'm really happy you like my costume/s && I'm so excited that Todd && Thorny get to see my costumes as well/acknowledge my existence! lol :P

Long message is long. Sorry >__<

Justin said...

Hey it's the Heather I know, AnimentalCosplayer . :)
Sweet deal, I expected her to enter. As you can see her Heather cosplay is epic. ♥

Anonymous said...

WELL. I just need to say that the TDI, TDA AND TDWT HEATHER. Looks so amazingly accurate and fabulous that I have no remaining coherence on the matter. ASDFGHJKLSOAWESOMEHEATHERIDON'TEVEN. <3

Anonymous said...

the bald one is pretty bloody epic.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Good god we're all screwed, Heather on the bottom is amazing

Heather said...

D'awww. Justin <3 You're pretty epic yourself! :D hehe.

&& the anonymous's:
I know at least one of these people, so thanks Mii, for your support! The rest of you, I love you. Like forever. <3 Seriously though, these comments made my day!
My day would be that much better if we had an bonfire now with everyone in costume! lol :]

xX-Callisto-Xx said...

I love Heather with long hair.
I also really want to see Heather with long hair AND the upgraded facial expressions.
It's like every season we get a new Heather. Her personality seems to change every season along with her hair style. But than again bald isn't a hair style... well you get the point.

I'd also like to see Heather with her short hair down and Lindsay wearing her hair down with no headband/hat/hair accessory in it, but that's off topic....

And thank you again. :3

CourtneyAndDuncanRockMySox said...

The 2nd girl NAILED Heather. She got the bald head perfectly. x3

You go girl!

u813247 said...

Wow, kudos to the second Heather, her cosplay is very elaborated, from the use of both her normal outfit, her sunglasses and PJs and the different hair styles

Anonymous said...

I really like that one Heather with the versatile outfits of Heather having the PJs, bald head and I even love the how the main costume is made :]

Heather said...

Totally didn't see the Anonymous comment above my last reply:
I'm glad you like my costume, it makes me really happy >w<~ && don't say that, the contest isn't over yet! Good luck to everyone! :]

I totally agree. That's why I did so many different facial expressions in my pictures && especially why I softened my look for my World Tour pic, since Heather does start to show some slight compassion XD;
Gotta say though, wearing her gold tooth was difficult for pics :P

I know what you mean! Whenever Heather's hair got wet in TDWT, I was thinking how pretty it would be down. But regardless of the hairstyle, I'll always love Heather. Although I like every character, Heather is still pretty much my favorite~
&& of course, don't mention it~

D'awww, you make me smile!
Trust me, that bald cap was so difficult to deal with. :/ ((Funny thing is, I took that pic on my birthday! Bald on my birthday, yay! XD))
Thanks hun, you rock! :D

I'm so glad you see all of the hard work that went into this costume! The shoes themselves took about 5-6+ hours just to paint/get the proper fabric hand-sewn onto it, && the costume...let's not go there XD;
But I'm really glad you noticed all of the different styles; I specifically painted those sunglasses so they'd be spot on to Heather's as well as that bunny on her shirt. hehe.
&& thanks again, good wigs don't come cheap but it was worth it to me >3<
Sorry for the long comment, but again, thank you! <3

Miranda [Kittykatt97] said...

YOU WILL WIN Heath! <3 :}

Anonymous said...

Bottom one gets my approval for what seems like a superhuman effort. Way to go!

Top one gets my approval mainly for how it looks like Heather without looking like a cosplay. That's hard to do.

Anonymous said...

the second Heather is super awesome!!!

Heather said...

D'aww, thanks for being my number one fan through all this. You're too nice. Especially for that nice video <3~

1st Anonymous:
Superhuman sounds about right w/ the craziness of this outfit. :P But I love Heather, so I'm really happy I'm able to cosplay her :]

2nd Anonymous:
/You're/ super awesome! Haha, thank you <33

KawaiiCourtney said...

The first Heather is the best! <3

Anonymous said...

Mirrorcover is an amazing artist on Deviantart! Glad she got some recognition on this site. I'm not too familiar with the second Heather, but I must admit her costumes are VERY versatile.

Butterfly said...

Why isn't there any Gwens!?! ANY WAYS, GREAT 2nd HEATHER!!!