Monday, November 01, 2010



xX-Callisto-Xx said...

I wish this girl got a full body standing picture so we could see her full costume. But from her sitting picture (And besides the fact the pictures are a tad blurry) the costume looks pretty darn awesome.
Even the skull is a nice touch! :3

Anonymous said...

How many times did Hannah enter? XD

Anonymous said...

LOL, thanks!<3
I entered 3 times so far, and may possibly come up with 2 or 3 more last minute entries. x3


Anonymous said...

Lol, trying to give yourself an advantage?

Anonymous said...

This is the best Courtney costume I've ever seen! ^-^

Good luck!!

CourtneyAndDuncanRockMySox said...

Awesome costume! Courtney's my favorite, so you've got my support! Plus, the tiara is a nice touch. ;)
I love that skull too. I wonder whatever happened to it... it was never seen again after "Basic Straining."
Good luck to ya! =D

I hope Courtney will finally recieve some good character development in the future. I'm so sick of the other characters and haters bashing her all the time. Unlike them, I see PAST all of Courtney's crazy antics, and what I see a girl who has been hurt, scorned, broken-hearted, cheated, pressured, lonely, forgotten, and most of all, misunderstood.
There's a lot behind her we still don't know, such as her history, her family, her home life, nothing! There are so many possibilities with her type of character. I hope that she'll get put in a better spotlight in the future. (AND that she'll eventually get a happy ending. I really hope so.)

Go Team Courtney! =)

KawaiiCourtney said...

Oh my. xD My horrible cosplay is there. ;3; I fail.

-Kawaii Courtney.