Thursday, October 21, 2010


It's that time of year again kids!!
Time to dress up as your favorite Total Drama character or carve a Total Drama jack-o-lantern and send us pics! We'll post 'em on the blog for all to see and then send a little something special to the one we like the most.
So dress up for a party, or go trick-or-treating and send the pics to
We'll keep accepting submissions until Nov 7th and announce our favs on the 12th.
Looking forward to seeing what you've come up with this year!

Prizes for this year's contest include some of the swag we had available at the FanExpo this summer: Pins, magnets, temp tattoos, tshirts. Enter as often as you like. I'll start posting the entires soon so get started!


Anonymous said...

20 bucks says CITPrincess will win....again.

Katt said...

If I can get my friend's camera...
It will take some persueding, nevertheless, but I will get it!

Thanks for having it! I was worried that the Doppleganger contest was going to be it!
Oh, and what's the rule for people that have already won? Can they enter again for a chance to win, or are they disqualified?

Imagi said...

As I said I have more then ONE pumpkin in store. ;)

Expect the Dare Pumpkin soon! :D

As for the others...just got to wait and see. ;)

Anonymous said...

Yes! I was worried that there wasn't going to be one this year. Can we enter both?

Anonymous said...

Awesome, good luck everyone!

I also agree with Katt, will there be a rule for people who have already won?

Ron said...

is there going to be prizes likr the TD biggest fan contest?

Mary said...

I was wondering that too. I love the Halloween contest it's fun! I don't care if the CIT wins again so what she's funny :) Carving that pumkin was fun last year. Hope I can do it better this time.

Aiko-chan said...

Aw, I'd enter...but with all my schoolwork, my writing, and my totaly lazyness...I don't think I can this year :'( I don't even have a costume ((my lindsay costume was an epic failure last year))

And you COULDNT have told us about this contest earlier? I HAD a few pictures, but I deleted them all :(

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Yay! I really wanted to enter this last year, but I was just a bit too late :( Never fear, I have half my costume ready for this years >:D


xX-Callisto-Xx said...

I see I'm carving another pumpkin this year. And I have to remember to clean up the area when I take a picture of my pumpkin.
When I did the Duncan x Courtney pumpkin last year my mom yelled at me that I didn't clean up the surrounding area good enough.

Can we enter more than once? I'd really like to enter an AleHeather pumpkin AND an Izzy pumpkin. :3 (Aka my current favorite couple from Total Drama and my favorite character.)

Anonymous said...

i love CITprincess and i don't mind if she does win, but I think I'm going to enter too. Princess is not the only who can be creative!

Anonymous said...

Can you tell us if total drama season 4 is in post-production ?

Katt said...

the suspense is killing me!! What's my competition like?

Matheus Lopes Tito said...

Hi Todd, I'm from Brazil and was wondering how does one go to visit you there. Because I have a blog about TDR and wanted by new news there! Is to be between December and February? Well I'm looking forward to for news.

NoahCody#1FanGirl said...


I might get me and my friend and whip up a Katie & Sadie costume and enter!

Or, I'll be Noah. ;)

(Do you mind checking my webpage 'bout Total Drama? I had to do it for a project :) click on my name to check it out. I'd apperciate it! :) )

Thanks :D


Anonymous said...

Are people seriously complaining about citprincess? If your going to cry about it don't enter its no fun when there's no competition.