Wednesday, August 11, 2010

FAN EXPO in 16 days!

Hey Kids!
It's just around the corner!
FanExpo 2010 will be happening in Toronto
AUG 27th to 29th
at the Metro Toronto Convention Center.

Todd and I will be there to sign some nifty swag from the Total Drama Series and promote some of the other awesome stuff we have going on. Christian Potenza will be joining us to meet his fans and liven up the place. If you've been watching Christian's youtube vids you know that he's a great pal of ours and has recently done the voicework for Todd's latest show SIDEKICK.

We'll be selling T-shirts, pins and artwork. We'll also have these:

Temporary tattoos! (arm hair not included)

And skate decks! Todd was commissioned by Sid and Marty Krofft to design these boards. They are very limited in number and are autographed by Sid and Marty themselves!

We'll also have HeadShot posters

HeadShot is our latest project -- the posters come in 2 sizes: 11x17 and 24x36
Hope to see y'all there!


Anonymous said...

You know I wish I could...but I don't live in Canada.

TeamEscopeFan said...

I can't go to FanExpo either :'( BUT, Thorny, if you guys from Total Drama set up a whole Total Drama convention (I suggest at Niagara Falls so US and Canada ppl can come) and had like all the voice actors come to sign autographs and then had fun stuff like a trivia challenge, I would soo come! because knowing me I'd be screaming so much about it my parents would prob take me just to shut me up =D

NoahCody said...

I WANT TO GOOOOOO! D: But unfortunetly school starts soon. :C Come to Florida or NewYork! My mum said she'd take me then! :DD



Katt said...

I really really wish I could... but it's in Canada... could you take lots and lots of pics or something?
And what about the merch? Yay or nay?

Anonymous said...

Lucky Canadians -_- I want a HeadShot poster

Anonymous said...

Head Shot looks AWESOME!

...What is it? xD

Anonymous said...

Awesome! Too bad I live on the wrong end of he continent

Just Another Zeke Fan said...

I'm going! :D

Passport in and I'm getting ready!

Hey Thorny? Know how much the artwork and stuff is going to run?

u813247 said...

Hahaha,I'd love to have a TDI temporary tattoo, and that new project looks really interesting

Thorny said...

@JustAnotherZekeFan -- we haven't set pricing yet. Typically the signed screengrabs go for around $10. Pins, fridge magnets and tattoos will be a buck or two. More limited edition stuff like our headshot posters or the Krofft skate decks will be much more. Hope to see you there.

smarty101 said...

Ugh! I'm so upset! I live in Cali and school starts soon so there's no way I could go... :( Hey Thorny, any chance of you guys coming to L.A? Or any chance of selling some Total Drama swag online?

Just Another Zeke Fan said...

Hope there is some ZEKE! stuff there! :D And Izzy! :D

Hey are you doing commission drawings?

As in you guys drawing a TD requested pic and signing it? :D

You know yet if you guys are cash only or are you both Ccard and cash? (never been to a convention like this before)

I'm getting excited! :D I'm very much forward to meeting you guys...the MAIN reason I'm going in the first place. :D

Here's hoping Zeke gets his shot at redemption on Season FOUR!

bizbri said...

Garhggg. I wish I could go, but it's always in Canada! Us US peeps want some cool swag too :(

Thorny said...

@Just Another Zeke Fan -- sorry, but we're not doing any commissioned pieces. And we're strictly cash and carry. Glad you're coming to see us -- it's MY first convention too.

@Smarty101 -- we plan to be in Burbank in November at the CTNX -- but as visitors checking everyone else's stuff out. We'll try to put some of the swag online for sale after the FanExpo -- unless we sell out of course ;)

thechosenone said...

oh man... :O
i wish i could go! i'm in australia and i'd totally do ANYTHING to go!

but anyway, people, have fun there :)

KawaiiTutu said...

These are all so cool ^^

#1TDiFan said...