Thursday, August 12, 2010


Hey guys!
Take a look at the vid for the TDWT contest on CN's facebook page


It's always cool to see live action versions of Todd's drawings.


NoahCody said...

This.Sucks. D:

Me and My Friend Are Just One Year Younger than the required age. Stupid numbers 12 and 13. >__>

Well, We are gunna do the contest you and Todd hold here and wish for luck! :DD Its always fun to see the other people who dress up aswell.


Anonymous said...

I WANNA ENTER SOOOOO BAD!! :'( I look like Bridgette ;D

Katt said...

IF the contest was instead, Create a Character (pics only) and the top prize was a cameo in the show, or a drawing of you signed by everyone that works and voices the show, I'd enter. Unfortunately, I don't look like anyone, and CIT has this one in the bag :(
(I don't know if she lives in the US or not, but I'd lose)

Anonymous said...

I wanted to enter but I am too old. I am almost twenty. Will you guys still have the cosplay contest on your blog?

Joley/Beth said...

Oh, can my costume at the fan expo (Beth) count as my entry?

Anonymous said...

I wanna ebter, But I look like a combo of Sierra and Katie!!!