Thursday, November 26, 2009



Underdog Zeke said...

Super Hero-Id, huh? Pretty OK, I guess. I liked Lindsay as Wonder Woman, and I loved it even more when Courtney whined and complained, and Chris ignored her.

I love the scene:

Courtney (to Lindsay): "Not so "Wonderful" now, are you?!"

Chris (to Courtney): "You got issues."

Love it!

Also, Harold as "Captain Alberta" was pretty... ...different. I guess Chris is right though; since Owen's gone, someone needs to replace him as the "Master Blaster." And who better than already fairly strange/awkward Harold?

Can't wait for more screen grabs!

Katt said...

Loved Lindsay in this episode.

Anonymous said...

Lindsay was great

tofsilver said...

Harold was the best hero! His powers were... unexpected, but I could have sworn he was going to win.

Giuliana said...

Uhm, sincerely, I was expecting more hero parodies in this episode. There's so much material...!

Haroldfan 26 said...

Ooh, I loved Lindsay in this episode... I'm sure all of the other guys out there did too ;)
Harold's my favorite, but for some reason when I saw that part I found myself rooting for Lindsay.

Heather should totally go out with Harold! Those are two of my favorites.

I need to see the geeky guys go out with the popular girls! Cody and Lindsay should be a couple, too, but I think he'll have to settle for the now-available Gwen since Tyler's finally coming back.

Katt said...

Lindsay is ADORABLE when she acts like that. ^.^

Anonymous said...

Lindsay: Who wants a ride in my invisible jet?!

Everyone (besides Courtney): I DO!

Anonymous said...

I lvoed this episode, and Chris and Lindsay! Their the best lol. Can't wait to see Lindsay X Tyler again, and Chris and Lindsay's flirting haha this was the best ep by far!

yuri krebstein said...

Justin:Aint I just Pretty?

Dear Justin You are not pretty

Trent:Gwen Loves me again!

Yes Trent !