Thursday, November 26, 2009



Grace said...


Underdog Zeke said...

Cool! First comment!

TDA Aftermath III was EVERYTHING I expected! Owen was awesome in this one, especially since his long absence. WE OWEN FANS HAVE BEEN MISSING HIM SINCE HIS UNFAIR ELIMINATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I loved how he kept rambling on about all bad things he did as a kid in that one scene. Poor nuns.

This was a major turning point for Geoff and Bridgette. When she said, "We're done." I nearly fainted. But what can I say? I saw it coming.

And then Geoff in the electric chair: HILARIOUS!

Heather's new wig was definitely uglier than her last. I actually liked her last one more than this one; at least it resembled her original hair more! Oh, well. At least her hair will have finally started to grow back by TDM.

Speaking of TDM...I can't wait to see who is on it and who isn't! Like I said before, Zeke just HAS to be on the season! He deserves to! He hasn't had enough screen time prior to this season!

Please, PLEASE put Zeke on season 3!


Katt said...

Heather's wig looked ghetto.

Anonymous said...

I loved the only thought that we saw a LOT of Owen and very little of Heather, Leshawna and from the other before eliminated or non-TDA comentors..

But I agree that it was a good thing cause he came back in the rock themed episode.

tofsilver said...

HAHA! I just loved the part where Duncan fell in the giant bear trap.

Giuliana said...

This was my favourite Aftermath yet. Owen's so sweet in his own way ^_^U... And when I was worried about Geoff's attitude getting worse, looks like he finally learned his lesson. I love the guy, even in his dark moments, but I don't want him as a permanent Chris clone. Sorry, Oprah, but LeShawna's in the house to fix problems in live shows ^¬^. Speaking of her, I'm glad she admitted she still has feelings for Harold. They were a cute couple indeed