Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Costumes Part 6 ... and the rest.

A family affair ... Chris, Courtney and Zeke.
Gawsh .... it's Harold.
Total. Drama. Chris.
Someone tell Lindsay we found Tyler.
Tr ...hey! .... weren't you Duncan? I guess the kids put you up to dressing up as two characters. Wicked.
Who's Bill you might ask? Well apparantly Billy is the name that these fine fans gave to our intern. Long live Billy.


confuzzled said...

Yay!!! My little brother made it on!! And the Bill is great, really original.

Anonymous said...

Crap i tought i might have a chance at winning but theres so many pics that are good i'm not so sure anymore but who knows anything is possible

Anonymous said...

Lol someone tell Lindsay we found Tyler lol!

ribbonfly said...

All the entries look great! How will they pick a winner?

Anonymous said...

Umm when are u guys gonna post the rest of the tdi pumkins?

Caylin/Cody said...

Yay my picture is up <3


NutCase said...

Cris looks awesome as heck!!!=0

tofsilver said...

The Tyler coustume is amazing! "Someone tell Lindsay we found Tyler." Haha!

Alagaesian said...

You mean...Phil?

I don't know how this happened, but someone accidentally posted an incorrect quote on a bunch of TDI fan sites. It's from when Courtney is taking the hot air balloon in the special.

False Quote-

Real Quote-
Chris: BAIL! BAIL!

No idea how that got posted everywhere and managed to stay...for a long time...but now a lot of people assume that the pizza guy/stunt double/lighting guy's name is Phil.

Yeah, I know I'm talking about a different character than 'Bill', but I have seriously never heard someone call an intern that name.

Can't believe someone actually decided to dress up as 'Bill', though. Nice.

Woah that's a lot of Duncan...and Courtney...and Gwen. Anxiously waiting your declaration of the supreme Total winner.

Anonymous said...

Yeah! My picture got on the site! (harold)

Anonymous said...

You should pick a winner for each character. Since there are great Courtneys, Duncans, Lindsays, etc.

Grace (musicstorestandee) said...

OMG ! You put Billy up !!! YESS ! NOW ITS OFFICIAL !! haha thanks for putting me up !

Jade said...


Duncan/Trent#1FanGirl said...

Its Billy!!! Cody, Noah and the Courtney/Zeke/Chris are really good! Keep up the good work guys! They are all epic~

-Duncan/Trent#1FanGirl :D

AshleyLovesHim said...

Actually, it's not "Bill," it's "Billy." Common mistake, lol. There's actually a fan club for him on deviantart!

ilikestripeslol11 said...

im the noah.
pretty suiting, huh?
i will patiently await the results.

Melissa said...

Too Funny. Bill...VERY creative!!

MadiYasha said...

It's actually Billy, not Bill, but haha close enough--the point is this is as official as we're getting XDD

Long live the TDF forums!

Long live Billy the Intern <3

ilu Grace.

Jade K. said...

I think Phil was the one that was Duncan old design.
Bill is the blonde with the white tank top.
What is with the Ill's? XD

MadiYasha said...

Oh, and @ The guy up there with the A name I'm too lazy to type, Billy is an entirely different case.

We (We being some of the most well-known TDI fans) have a forum called TDF where we sit around and act like idiots. Grace, aka the person dressed as Billy, came into our Team Trent/Team Gwen debate claiming she was on 'Team Intern' to which Jenna, one of the loverly Bridgettes down there, responded "The intern looks like Billy Idol, but with less spikey hair."

Soo... we named him Billy :3 And Grace is addicted to him. He's basically our forum's mascot.

Zeke for Season 3!!! said...

With this new group I think the epic winners is Eva, Tyler and Bill the intern.

Kudos for the creativity!

And LOVE the new Zeke pic!!!

The world needs more of Zeke. :D

Zeke for 3!!! Zeke for 3!!! Zeke for 3!!!

Anonymous said...

Hehe, Noah looks alot like Dylan Sprouse :O

Katt said...

Eva looks awesome. Most of these do.

Tori said...

We're calling him Bill?
Why didn't I know about this sooner?!
That's great, though. I really like Harold.

Giuliana said...

Woah, that's a very good Harold O 3 O. I wanted to dress like Eva, but couldn't find a weight... Lucky Eva cosplayer T _ T

courtneyfan4ever said...

lol i like the billy and tyler 1. these r all really cool. my friends dressed me up as gwen but we didnt take pics so i cant post it up =( atleast i already own the dvd =)

NutCase said...

Say "I" if you think chris should win!!!"I"

Grace said...

aw you guys didn't have to edit Bill to Billy we would have lived it's fine hahaha

emawolf (Hannah) said...

Lookin' good, everyone! =D

Anonymous said...

Billy face=Epic win

CanadianGurl-123 said...

Yayee my LeShawna picture is up!!! I'm the only one who dressed up as her XD.

Anonymous said...

The Cody picture with the bra is HILARIOUS!!!:D

Blake said...

YAY!! Billy For The Win!
TDF forums 2!
i would`ve sent in my awesome duncan cosplay( i have a minihawk lol) but im grounded :(

dr. femur said...


Jonathan Bach said...

Wooooo!!! LeShawna!!!!

Bridgette/Anna said...

cool I don't look like any of the characters