Wednesday, April 06, 2011


Hey Kids!
My inbox was full this morning with a lot of really great questions.
Gimme a few days to pull together some images and reference to answer them and I'll start answering them soon!!

Keep the questions coming!



Hunter said...

Hey i got a few questions
#1Who are the new people working on season 4?
#2Is there anybody who already voices characters that will be voiceing a new one for the new season?
and most important......
#3Is Zeke coming back to normal???????????????

goten435 said...

When is Total Drama World Tour reunion special suppose to air?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Is the script written before the drawings are done?

ribbonfly said...

Can't wait.

Mary said...

Well, maybe it's not the sort of question you were asking for, idk.
Um, how do you get to be an intern? I don't mean an animated one, I mean for real. Is it for certain majors in college or something?

cbaby167 said...

Three times in Total Drama World Tour, the characters were seen from below. (E.G. Gwen's rap) How do they create perspective?

Anonymous said...

When is Total Drama Reloaded airing (in Australia)and who are the new charactors?

Anonymous said...

i have a question for you guys.
How do to decide who competes in each season and why?

Anonymous said...

I have just one question to ask (mostly cause you answered a question of mine before with the add lib... Hi!)

Have the fans influenced the show in anyway? (besides well ratings and such) Because I heard the Trent doll was based off a Cody doll that a fan made. Also does this mean that the interns name is Billy (I ask cause I remember sumbiting that to the Total Drama Wiki and getting yelled at by an editor :( ... and I just contradicted what I said at the top of this comment didn't I? Whoops...)

Anonymous said...

Could you, please, post some scenes from season 4 (whether in picture or video form) ?

Anonymous said...

I'm sure you've been asked already, but I'm curious to know if you could tell us where you got the ideas for the other characters' designs. Leshawna's is Queen Latifah, and Gwen's is Tibby, but what about everyone else?

Anonymous said...

After each elimination of Total Drama Revenge of the Island, Could you do us a favor and upload a picture of the character that was eliminated without a background? It Doesn't have to be a full rotation. ONLY IF YOU WANT TOO

u813247 said...

Greetings, guys. I've just watched a couple of videos on Youtube and I'm SHOCKED.
First of all, there seems to be an alternate ending of "Celebrity Manhunt" with the contestants DYING when their bus fell off the cliff! Is that official, that ending really existed?!
Second, I can't believe that there's extra material with Duncan throwing a sandal to Courtney and knocking her out! Seriously, I respect the DxG shipping and its followers but making their relationship official by betraying someone and basing their moments on making Courtney suffer wasn't the best way to develop it, not to mention it isn't helping with the tension between fans at all. I have to say that the changes in Duncan's behavior in this last season have really dissapointed me: In the previous ones he was far from being nice but he was a likeable antihero, now he's simply despicable. The only reason why I still like him is because I can't relate the Duncan we used to know in TDI and TDA with the TDWT one and want to remember him that way.

Imagi said...

Alright...but remember you asked for it Thorny! :D

Here's what the Ezzy girl wants to know. :)

1. Ezekiel is MISSING from the promo Season 3 flier, IS seen on top of the Statue of Liberty, BUT he NEVER visits there. Was Ezekiel part of Season 3 originally or was he added as an afterthought?

2. After the Bus Of Doom fell off the cliff, Ezekiel was missing from all of the remaining group shots including the big tent announcement. The only one in fact. Where did Zeke go?

3. Who decides on the cast for the season? :)

And who the heck came up with the awful idea of kicking Zeke off the show REPEATEDLY (Zeke slamming to the ground in the title) AND the Zombie/Gollum Zeke?! X(

Sorry to say...but you really upset the Zeke fans with that one...we had had such high hopes for this season...thought he would be on for a couple of off his intellect...shock people...make friends..Ezzy...:(

4. Will Jasmine from LeShawna's letter from home EVER become part of the Total Drama cast? I had originally thought she was the new girl on Season 3 instead of Stalkerra!

5. Was the cast of TDA and TDWT set in stone from the beginning? And if not WHO was in the original cast?

6. My mouth dropped open seeing Heather with the Gwen wig and hearing Blainley announcing Total Drama Comeback on the special...

For a second I could have sworn you read my fanfic story 23 presents and Kobold Necromancer's Total Drama Comeback! :)

So naturally I HAVE to ask..When it comes to TDI stories written by the fans of the show...Thorny and Mark...have you read any of them? :)

7. Does it surprise you how popular Ezekiel and the others are despite the little screen time?

8. Have you ever looked back at a season and said wow…I really should have done this instead of…

9. Out of all the seasons which is your favorite episode and why?

10. On Season FIVE will Ezekiel be back to normal and competing for a LONG TIME? And after four seasons will he finally get his well overdue positive karma?

You said you wanted questions. :D

Omokisei said...

Can you tell me about camp TV? Like, how would Bridgette have been like? Maybe photos or more information on Camp TV?

The Zobe said...

How are the characters layered up, and could you show the characters pieced apart?

How do you animate the characters without outlines from body parts kind of going through the colour. Like the headline going through the next. and if its just a colour block, how come its never on top of the outline?

Bruno O. M. said...

Who created the characters, in personality and look? And how the voice actors are choosed?

And I just want to say, I'm a GREAT fan of the show, I'm brazilian and I watch both the original and the brazilian version. Total Drama is my favorite TV show.

Underdog Zeke said...

I hope for two things: That this doesn't count as a spoiler (so that you can answer it), and that it isn't too late to ask this question.

We've received the trailer for Total Drama: Revenfe of the Island by now, and there's been a huge debate on a certain aspect. There are three girls in the new cast (one being a pale blonde with a green outfit; one being a redhead, and one being a blonde girl with pink clothes and sunglasses), and we still have no confirmation as to which girl is which. Like I said, it's been a huge deal, and some people are actually losing their tempers over it. Do you think you could please confirm which girl is which?

Oh, and P.S.: I can't WAIT for TDR to premiere! :D

Anonymous said...

Just the basics:

1. What happens to Zeke?

2. Was there ever an ending where Cody wins, or were you just going to stiff the Cody fans?

3. How did you go about getting the voice actors for the parts?

Can't wait for Season 4!

Anonymous said...

Can you please ask us if we will ever find out what happened to the contestants after the events of total drama?

It's just a yes or no question.


Aaron said...

1.What were you guys doing at the time when ya'll came up with the idea of Total Drama Island?

2.Who do you guys think is the most popular charater in the Total Dram Series?

3.Why are you guys letting Total Drama Revenge of The Island air in America first and not in Canada?

4.Is there going to be a fifth season of Total Drama?

5.Have you guy ever thought about making a show where the cast of 6teen meets the cast of Total Drama?

Brendom Martins Okley said...

How do you choose who came back in the seasons and the elimination order????

Alex Hernandez said...

Hey Mark, I have another question that I forgot to post in another publication:

Is it true that there will a season 5 TD? or TDRI is the final season of the show?

M.S. said...

Q.Will TDWT special be a one-hour musical?

Q.Will be there any new line ups(of TDWT or TDRI)?

Q.Are there more deleted scenes on Total Drama?


Q.If Total Drama is a flash animation(or any other)could you post some tutorials?

P.S. Sorry for my bad English;)

Anonymous said...

Hi! So I've been dieing to know...will there EVER be total drama action figures?

Anonymous said...

I have a question for you, Mark. Will the "Fifth Season" feature the 2007 TDI cast competing with the 2007 TDI cast? I'm dying to know.

Anonymous said...

was izzy going to be in Camp TV at all or was she just added to TDI?

and if any of the voice actors can answer what is the weirdest line you had to record?