Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Again??!! Aw Shucks.

Once again the Total Drama franchise has scored big at the KidScreen Awards.
Held in New York City last week, the second annual awards pay tribute to
"outstanding programming and content that engages and entertains children, early teenagers and families"

Total Drama World Tour
- Best Animated Series 2011 – Tweens/Teen category
- Best Voice Talent 2011 – Creative Talent category
- Best Tweens/Teens Program 2011 – Viewers Choice category

“These awards are an honour and testament to Fresh TV’s undying passion to make kids laugh (and cringe) year after year,” said Tom McGillis, President, Fresh TV Inc. “A big shout out to our team, including Total Drama Voice Director, Debra Toffan, series directors Keith Oliver and Chad Hicks, and to KidScreen for giving us a total rush.”

Kudos to everyone involved in the production this year.
To read the full list of award winners, go here.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations :3

Heather said...

Wow, so many awards! Congrats to all of you at FreshTV, you more than deserve it. :]

Anonymous said...

CONGRAGULATIONS! This series is always doing well with awards. I guess we can expect TDR to do the same for next year :)

007 said...

Congrats - you all deserved it!

Natalia Explosivo said...

Congrats :D

u813247 said...

Congratulations, and hope the next seasons have the same success and more

~*Rachel Elizabeth, the Duncan and Courtney Lover*~ said...

That's awesome! Congrats you guys!

Anonymous said...

Congrats guys! The show definatly deserves it. Everyone I've shown this show to has gotten as obsessed with it as I am. Proves just how great the show is.