Sunday, December 19, 2010

More cookies!


Fangirl of Total Drama said...

An Izzy cookie!!
Nice :D
I want one!!!
Who baked this one?

Thanks for the post, Thorny.

Mary said...

that's cute!! did they actually get an izzy cookie cutter from somewhere cause wow? O.O plus sometimes it's incredibly tough to work with icing that you buy in the grocery store or that you make at home. it's perfect wow!

Anonymous said...

Lol this one is really well done

Anonymous said...

Hi! First off, merry Christmas!! Second, both my dad and I were wondering when tda will be released on DVD. If you could post the answer it would be great!! Thanks!! :)

N.Isabella said...

yay! My cookie! hehehe and I made it by myself a few years ago but had only posted the photo in fanpop! hehe! thanks for the comments ;)