Sunday, December 12, 2010

Mmmmm Cookies!!!

Kara's been doing some holiday baking!


Anyone else want to share their TD holiday decorations?
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ribbonfly said...

Super cute!

kara said...

omg! haha im glad you like them! :)

Sharoon said...

om nom nom nom om nom nom

Anonymous said...

Those are adorable- especially Izzy and DJ!

Wonton86 said...

:D Yay cookies!
:O Duncan cookie!
O.O nom nom nom nom

Katt said...

As soon as my "great state" of Indiana gets enough snow, I'll be making a Total Drama Snowman. Twill require a lot of Food Coloring. And patience.

Fangirl of Total Drama said...

So cute cookies!!
yum yum gingerbread :P
Excuse me, but, who is Kara?

Greetings and best wishes

Heather said...

What a creative idea! I love the fans of this show <3 :D

Mary said...

I love them, they are precious!! How come Duncan looks so sad :'( He's my favorite cookie. I also like the DJ one as well!