Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Looking for some awesome music?

Hey kids!
If you got some itunes cards for Xmas and don't know what to download -- how 'bout you check out what our good friend Emilie-Claire Barlow has to offer?
Currently the #3 album on the jazz charts on itunes, The Beat Goes On is a great compilation of jazzy tunes from the 60s. I was a big fan of her as Courtney -- but a bigger fan of hers as a singer.

Congrats on your success Emilie!!


Heather said...

Emilie is such a great singer~ When I heard her sing as Courtney, I was so impressed with her vocals! Then my friend told me that she sings professionally && it all made sense! Haha.

I totally wish I had an ITunes card but maybe I can convince a friend with one to check her music out? :p

Fangirl of Total Drama said...

I have heard her latest album, and Emilie has a great voice!!
Hope she gets more "publicity" or something like that..she deserves it

~*Rachel Elizabeth, the Duncan and Courtney Lover*~ said...

My favorite jazz jewel who just so happens to also voice my favorite character... what's not to love?

I wish I had gotten some iTunes cards for Christmas; I only have a few of Emilie's songs on my iPod, and I REALLY want to get some of her albums. I can't get enough of her lovely voice. I mean, Courtney has Emilie's beautiful pipes and she's going to LAW SCHOOL?! Girl, you're crazy. xD

Congrats on your success Emilie, you deserve it! Team Courtney all the way! =)