Tuesday, November 09, 2010


I know you've all been waiting with bated breath to find out the winners of this year's contest. We had some really great entries and after much deliberation have selected our winners.

For Pumpkin.... Falling Izzy
and for Costume .... Heather!!
This year we also selected a few runners up who caught our eye. These folks will be getting a little something too!

And a group of friends who submitted about 9 different characters in total.
Congratulations to our winners and runners up! They'll all be receiving a Total Drama prize pack ... after they email me their mailing addresses.
Thanks to everyone who entered!


Anonymous said...

Great Job to everyone who entered

I was so surprized with all the last minute entries but they were really good. Lovely job all of you...
Can't wait for next year :)

Anonymous said...

Great work everyone! Well deserved!!!!

Heather said...

Thank you so much, really! I feel kind of speechless right now...I'm such a huge Total Drama fan, so I'm way excited that you two liked my costume so much!!

Great job to everyone who entered, the pumpkin winner && the runner-ups!
This years contest was /crazy/, there is so much talent and dedication to this show from everyone! <3

Anonymous said...

Whoa, those were all REALLY good!! I liked the very last picture though, the one with three people that got runner(s) up ^-^ Congratulations to the winners!

u813247 said...

Congratulations to all the winners! I especially liked the Heather cosplayer, she did a magnificent job!

Katt said...

Darn, I didn't win :( My raccoon hath failed Kitty-Katt
Ah well... next year maybe? :P

xX-Callisto-Xx said...

Congrats to the winners. ^^

Sierra~ said...

I've had such a horrible week so far with school, so when I came home today and saw that I got runner up...that basically made my day :)

Thank you soooooo much! I love cosplaying, and this was the first time ever entering something >.< I'm so happy xD

As to Heather. I applaud you. You're costumes were all ~*AMAZING*~ and it looks like so much effort was put into them :) It's so in character too~

Congrats to everyone! <3

Heather said...

Thanks! I also like the runner-ups as well, they're all so adorable! :D

Thank you! You're the best! hehe. I'm glad you liked my entry ^__^

Good luck to you next year! :]

Thanks again! Still jealous of your glitter glue && Road to El Dorado game. Just saying XD

Congrats on runner-up! You make such an adorable Sierra~ I love cosplaying myself, so I appreciate that you noticed the effort && in-character shots I took. Cosplayers always seem to notice those things~ haha. Thanks again, you're so sweet <33

Anonymous said...

Congats "Heather" you did a realy good job.

Todd could you post Sierra and Alejandro rotations please. thanks

andalso congrats to the runner ups

xX-Callisto-Xx said...

@ Heather
I already told you if I could shove the game through the computer you could have it. I surprisngly know exactly where that Game Boy Color game is despite not playing it in years like the rest of my Game Boy Color games.

And besides. It's not just glitter glue.... It's GALACTIC GLUE. xD


TDWT Marathon on CN for the win. x3

Anonymous said...

a great idea for a new season could be with every contestants from season one travelling into izzy's times travel machine! This could also include songs in each episode (the concept for the songs was great)

Ron said...

i would have entered if my nternet wasnt down. can u still post the picture of my pumpkin?

Katt said...

Aww, thanks. I loved your costume, and you captured the Bald Heather Look of Shock really well. <3

@ Everyone else
Kitty-Katt is getting together next year's costumes... I'm redoing Duncan, and I'm doing Linsday as well, Gwen in her PJs... and whoever else I can manage. I live literally across the street from Goodwill, so the odds are in my favor X3
Psst... my homeroom teacher is like chef, he even has BDUs... maybe he'll make an appearance... if I can get a pic of him. Wish me luck!

Heather said...

LOL! I know where my GameBoy is to, yet I have no batteries for it :P
I'm sorry: "galatic glue". XD Next time I get near some glitter ((or galatic :P)) glue when I'm cosplaying Heather, I'm sure I'll buy some just because ;D

Thanks so much~ && omg, that bald cap was such an...experience. I sympathized even more with Heather after wearing that thing xD;
Wow, sounds like you'll be busy! Good luck :D