Thursday, August 26, 2010

Warren Leonhardt interviews us.

Hey Kids!
As a lead into FanExpo our good pal Warren Leonhardt
interviewed Todd and me for

Warren's a fantastic storyboard artist (among other things) and does a pretty good radio interview too.
You can listen to it here.

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Anonymous said...

last time i proposed to make a season with all the non-returning characters of season 2 and 3 including courtney izzy and bridgette. I have an idea of what could be the concept of the season. the contestants could return to camp wawanakwa but during winter it could be really funny. This could also well represent our lovely Canada!

By the way I really like season 3 and i can't wait to see season 4! Keep up the good work! The more seasons there will be the more fans will be happy! it really is a show different from the others we use to watch and it's the only cartoon i can't stop watching! The characters you created are the best. Tank you a lot.