Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Some spoilers suck -- but others are fun!
Those who want to see screengrabs from episode 2 of TDWT can click the following links.
If you don't want to see them.... don't look. ;)

I'll start posting more real soon ~ promise.

A little bit of advice for those who are upset with spoilers :
If you don't want to see spoilers.... DON'T LOOK FOR THEM!! I mean, it's not difficult. Not looking at something is a whole lot easier than looking at something. To SEE spoilers for Total Drama, you have to actually GO to a website that has spoilers and READ the information or LOOK at the pictures. To NOT look at something ... well ... you don't have to do anything. So to the few of you who haven't figured this out yet, I implore you... please stop writing and commenting on the blog that you're mad at me that you read something somewhere on someone else's site that might be a spoiler for the show.

Just a thought: if you don't want to know about the show, why are you going to a WIKI page?

You can always come here and not see spoilers -- I do my best to screen all comments to not allow them. I have been building up a library of behind the scenes pics from earlier seasons and will start posting them soon.

For those of you who do understand this principal, and who want to see images from episode 3 of TDWT that WILL SPOIL STUFF FOR THOSE WHO HAVEN'T SEEN IT YET, check these out:


NoahCody#1FanGirl said...

Lmfaoo. I can't decide wich one is my favorite, pic 2 or 4. They are both hilarious. Nice spoiler that person has on their car. x3x Loved the episode last night. :] Very Funny! I can't wait till the next episode! And Yey! For more updates!!!

~NC :D

perfectlyimperfect said...

What's with the car?

Jordan said...

Thorny, you are great for posting these!

I do have a question - first, I don't understand the car picture at all...

I probably missed something.

Secondly, do you know why Cartoon Network isn't airing the Aftermath episodes? I mean, it's not that big of a loss, because - sorry - they were kind of pointless filler episodes. Still, I was wondering why. I watched the episode on YouTube, but...

Also, this is shaping out to be a great season! But, what else could we expect from the GENIUSES behind Total Drama? :)


NoahCody#1FanGirl said...

Informing eveybody about the car,

The thing on the back of the car is a spoiler. It's a 'sweet' looking spoiler might I add. Very retro. Cx And I love how it's made of wood, not metal. Makes it 9,000 times cooler. xDD If you don't get it, click on my name for a wiki article about spoilers.

~NC, the geek

Lesley said...

Hah! I love the spoiler! XD

But as for spoilers... I've really spoiled myself, waaay too much. But now that I know when my favorite character gets the boot, I don't really care as much about them.

Noahs#1Fangirl said...

Epic spoiler on the car, Thorny ;D

Oh and you DO know in America we're going onto ep 8 RIGHT??

BTW ep 7 is hilarious, for the ppls tht havent seen the rest.

NoahCody said...

Thanks Thorny for the pictures. They aren't blurry like the pictures I take using my phone when on YouTube. x] Ive noticed that here in America, iTunes has all the TDWT episodes that have aired so far. They are fast about it, and when I check the day after..BOOM! It's there. They are $1.99 now. :[ They used to be 99 cents. Ohwell, atleast they have them!

I don't go on the total drama wiki anymore because of the spoilers. I had spoiled the first 3 eliminatioas and, the episodes were still funny, but it takes the thrill out of guessing when they show they final 2 for that night. Don't spoil..I made the mistake and spoiled TDI. Yeah.. I still loved it and all, but like I said, it takes the thrill and excitement outa guessing. DON'T SPOIL!! *cough* Sorry.


Anonymous said...

I'm from USA, and i saw the first 8 episodes, total drama world tour rocks the world!!! Good job, people that work at TDWT!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for telling us what picture of the car meant Noahs#1Fangirl

Natalie Charm said...

I saw episodes 1-8 and can't wait for 9! Paris is, like, my fav city EVER! My fav country is Greece, but, I see you guys have that covered, too.

I can't wait for episodes 14 and 16, and I just hope that in 15 they don't end up in the Lotus! XD Lol, sorry, huge Percy Jackson fan here.

And a question, will Alejandro and Heather EVER hook up? If they do, that would be the BESTEST! I've read the signs and studied up on some other past couples, and it seems to me that Alejandro and Heather are becoming the next Duncan and Courtney. I mean, so many people are just waiting for them to finally hook up! I know it's only been 8 episodes, but, STILL! And also, I know that usually in large groups, future couples are shown standing next to eachother, and in the Alps episode when they all went to the cargo hold, they are standing next to eachother :)

And another thing, I hate how everything is starting to revolve around the CxDxG love triangle. I have a feeling that the end will be a shocking twist where neither ends up with Duncan. I just know it.

I'm talking too much again, aren't I?

Oh, and nice spoiler XD

Fangirl of Total Drama said...

You are totally right Thorny!!

People must not be upset with spoilers when they can just not look at them. They must thank to you and Todd for your time, for post this pics and info for the fans!!

I am from Latin America and I looking at the pics with no problem, and here they havent aired the TDA special yet.

Really, great pics!

Michelle said...

heh, I didn't want to look at spoilers at first, because I thought my fav character would be out early, but now I love looking at spoilers, teehee.

but that's cuz I'm kinda convinced my fav character will make it pretty far...thanks to spoilers. :D

Apples928 said...

I believe the US had these episodes already. I would also like to hear about Total Drama: The Movie when it comes in.

u813247 said...

I agree, if people get upset for watching spoilers, they should avoid them in the first place. Speaking of episodes of TDWT, I've just watched the TDWT episode #8 in my country,it was extremely funny, LOVED IT!

Thorny said...

Sorry Apples -- there is no movie