Thursday, June 24, 2010

You Guys Did It Again!!!

Hey Kids!!
You guys made the Total Drama World Tour premiere a huge success!

This is from

In addition to helping Cartoon Network win Total Day overall among boys 6-11 (384,000/3.1 rating) and boys 9-14 (301,000/2.4 rating), TOTAL DRAMA WORLD TOUR’s premiere highlights include the following claims:

  • #1 telecast of the night on ALL TV among boys 6-11 (762,000/6.1 rating), boys 9-14 (699,000/5.6 rating) and kids 9-14 (957,000/3.9 rating)
  • #1 telecast in its timeslot on ALL TV among kids 6-11 (1,080,000/4.4 rating) and kids 2-11(1,332,000/3.2 rating)
  • Most-watched Cartoon Network telecast so far this year among kids 9-14
  • Attracted 2.2 million overall viewers 2+
  • Third most-watched Cartoon Network telecast to date in 2010 among kids 6-11—behind premiere of ADVENTURE TIME (April 5) and season finale of STAR WARS: THE CLONE WARS (April 30)


Jordan said...

Haha, our pleasure Mark.
What, do you think we would skip it?

Well, maybe some of us would have been turned off by the musical thing. I would NOT have had it been called that.

I would be willing to watch anything you guys come out with, because you don't need to prove yourselves again. You've already proven yourselves. TWICE.

And if anything, Chris is right - the singing is the best part other than the eliminations.

Anonymous said...

wow 2.2 million and with the canadins it is like 3 million viewers that watch the show great job for makeing a great show

daniela said...

woooow that's pretty amazing!
congrats and keep up the amazing work!
can't wait to see total drama world tour here in mexico :)

Mchappy (TotalDramaFan100) said...

No problem, it was our pleasure! I watch every Total Drama Episode on. I love the show, I could be obsessed!!!

Hayden said...

It did not disappoint! Thanks for the show and this site!

PS -- I really hope for a soundtrack of all the songs from this season!!!

dude said...

Hey fresh,
I just watched your newest episode of TDWT and I was kinda upset buy the voting off of (I won't give the name away). I was just wondering why you decided to vote this person off and if this character will be retiring some time soon.
Thanks :)

Sierra said...

Our twin daughters love Total Drama!! It's great that Total Drama World Tour made high ratings. Season 5 here we come! This is great news because maybe if this show does well there will be a season 5 and our daughters with Autism will be so excited to know one of their favorite shows is still on the air. (They don't deal with it very well when one of the shows they liked goes off the air. Trust me. :D)

NoahCody#1FanGirl said...


Awww! They really like Total Drama? I should seriously look into that for mothers students who have Austism. I bet they would really like TD! I played it one time [using super duper awesome TDI disc!!! :] , and they were really engrossed in it.

Happeh 4th ofs July,


Furuba said...

:) You are so totally welcome. I watched the premiere 5 times! I was not unsatisfied at ALL.

Anonymous said...

I think it's funny how all these categories are all "boys or kids ages 9-14" but i'm 16 yr old girl and sorta obsessed :P hahahaha

Anonymous said...

On a side note, I love it that this show has an absolutely huge and totally detailed tvtropes, and for that matter Wikipedia, entry! And things like "war and peace" have about 5 entries.

Maybe harold is an editor?