Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Hey Kids!!
Our pals Drew Nelson (DUNCAN) and Christian Potenza (CHRIS) popped in to say hey!
Drew just moved back from the West Coast and it was great to see him again.

Game Time!! -- Let's Play I-Spy!!
The following things are ALSO in this somewhat blurry photo:

3 Blue darts
The Mystery Machine
Adam West
Julie Newmar
A Hockey Helmet
The Lone Ranger
3 Cans of Tuna
An Empty Pickle Jar
Homer Simpson's Beer Belly

and for bonus points .... Leslie Nielson's Autograph

Happy Hunting!!


NC#1FanGirl said...

FINISHED! :D I had trouble finding Leslie Nielsen's I guessed. I went on paint and circled everything. This was fun! You guys should do these more.

Have an Awesome Day!,


Lucien said...

FOUND EVERYTHING, anyways cool now if only i had an autograph from you guys!!!!

Paola said...


Anonymous said...

LOL, I loved how you drew Chris and Duncan on top of their faces =D

Anonymous said...

The blue darts were the hardest thing to find to me, except the autograph. But it was FUN!

Anonymous said...

I found every thing, love it you should post more of this !!!

Hana said...

that was awesome XD

I LOVE Tyler, your drawing of Duncan and Chris over Drew and Christian and the mystery machine ! awesome!

Also, is it true Chris got his name from his voice actor??

Anonymous said...

Ooo hopefully Christian managed to squeeze in an interview with Drew while he was visiting... But I suck at things like these. XD I couldn't find the darts or the autograph.

NC#1FanGirl said...

>.< I soo got the Duncan part wrong! I thought it was supossed to be the one on the left top hand poster..I have keen eyes! (for a person who is half blind...)