Thursday, June 03, 2010

Just when you think you're out ... they pull you back in!

My poor paraphrasing of Michael Corleone could mean only one thing...

Kauf is back too.

Todd will be working on season 4 of the Total Drama franchise with me -- lending his inimitable skills as a designer once again. Here's a sample of what he'll be doing.


Jordan said...

These are so cool! He should do this for all the campers on video. You know we'd watch them. xD

touque girl said...

Oh heck no! X(

22 characters...22 characters and you put Duncan and Courtney there. No LeShawna...Katie, Sadie...Izzy..

22 characters...

PLEASE! Tell me you are NOT putting those two in Season 4 too! x(

Enough with the D+C! I want to see people like EZEKIEL and HAROLD AND IZZY there!


Why do you TDI guys LOVE tormenting the underdog fans?!!

What else could you tell us?! Courtney loves to take long walks her last name means Leader and next she'll all of a sudden break into multiple languages that she's taken during breaks for Class President?!

Total Drama Reloaded is actually Totally Duncan+ Courtney Romance?

I...I can't tell you how sick I am right now...I love Total Drama Island because it showcased 22 different people.

TDA you took the most popular characters Beth and Justin and put them on and added a sue happy my way or else Courtney who did NOT QUALIFY.

Now Duncan has won according to the legions of D+C fans (underdogs KNOW BETH won)

And BOTH are on Seaon 3. And while Zeke's status was always in question Duncan's was NEVER and rubbed in our faces constantly.

If Zeke is NOT on Season 4 AND BOTH Duncan and Courtney are...that's it.

I can NOT go through FOUR seasons of Bossy Girl love/hate deliquent while the other competitors are in the background until needed for vote off.

That is WHY TDA FAILED and why MOST of the Underdog Fans REFUSE to acknowledge it's existence.

Most of us lesser shown character fans also lost our love of the show during that time...only regained through fan stories and inspiration.

Four seasons....I will NOT go through FOUR seasons with both DUNCAN AND COURTNEY.

The Punk pranks Harold, Courtney hits Harold, they make out during Harold's vote off...Both continue as Final Two and Courtney wins.

...That is what I'm honestly expecting to happen with the over favoritism...

And that is what will destroy my remaining love of the Total Drama Series.

Those who work on TDI...can you not SEE the love is slowly fading?

Underdogs are swallowed up by the unrelenting current of D+C and soon all you will have left is two.

The fans of Duncan and Courtney.

I've had enough of fighting. What TDA destroyed I'm hoping TDWT will regain.

Either way I'm done fighting.

Thorny said...

Hey Touque Girl -- I don't remember saying that Duncan Courtney were in season 4. I just reposted some old How To Draw videos that Todd made over a year ago. Hmmmm... but that gives me a great idea. Maybe I should ask the producers and creators to make season 4 ONLY about D&C!! It'll be a whole show of just the 2 of them! You could watch them on dates...talking about current events or the weather... playing go fish and checkers... going grocery shopping...that kinda thing. It sure would be easier to make a show that only had 2 characters too.

Thanks Touque Girl!!

;) ~Mark

P.S. thanks for being so passionate about the show that you took the time to rant. We love hearing from fans!

touque girl said...

Well when you see 70% of everything on deviant art, and as C+D and an overwhelming amount of both of them on Season 1,2 and what looks like 3 you can't help but get discouraged.

It was just a...bit overwhelming to see that after Courtney's voice actor and...

It's very frustrating at times to be a fan of underdogs.

And I was heartened to see Eva and Zeke as well as Katie and Sadie in the special featured more then in the past...

But I just have to ask...what was with Eva's and Ezekiel's disappearing acts?

She wasn't on the bus shown and he wasn't shown in the big group scenes at the end.

Do you guys do that delibrate or was that a goof?

Also so is that a subtle way of saying that other lesser shown characters *cough* Eva, Katie and Sadie as well as Zeke and Izzy come back on Season 4?

And heck yeah I'm passionate! All underdog fans usually are! We just stay silent until something greatly makes us happy or angry. ;)

I apologize for blowing up some...I should probably not reply to anything after watching a trailers with Zeke blank blank and then the blank blank.

(for those who have not seen it.)

Here's hoping IZZY, EZEKIEL, NOAH and TYLER have a long run on Season 3!

And the return of at least EZEKIEL, IZZY, HAROLD and Katie Sadie and Eva on Season 4!

And thanks Thorny for replying.

Anonymous said...

Does Todd returning qualify Todd getting back on this blog?

Jordan said...

Wow, Mark. I didn't know you could be sarcastic X-)

Are ANY of the original characters going to be on season 4? Or have the writers had enough of them?

thecdtda said...

Thorny! Please reply to this! Since Total Drama World Tour airs June 10th in Canada and airs June 21st in the States, can you please post HD photos of the episodes like you did for TDA? Please respond!

Anonymous said...

Sorry if my English is not the best but I do not know much the language and I do not fully understand because I speak Spanish...
Cool videos! I will try to draw Courtney haha xD
They are my two favorite characters throughout the series!!!!!! And it would be sooo great if they were in the 4th.

I hope you stay together with the end of this new season. Since the beginning of the first season that I love, and if they ended their relationship definitely I do not know not even would continue watching the series in the same way... :(

Finally, I will keep alert to any news on TDI!! ^_^

Duncan/Trent#1FanGirl said...

Oh Thorny...sarcastic you. Thinking of that sounds pretty good actually. would be funny though.
And Touque Girl: As much as I love D+C...I like C+N(oah) and Zeke is my one of my favorite charecters..(first being Izzy). That was a long rant and it makes me feel that I'm not the only one who is in love with TDSeries.



Graces said...

Hey Mark, that actually doesn't sound too bad. I think you've got yourself a spin-off on your hands!

Seriously, way to take the screaming "underdog fan" down a peg. Go Total Drama and all its characters!

Anonymous said...

I am stoked for this season! I do know that there are new characters, but can you atleast give us updates that hint to us what the season is about? Like you can compare one character to a real celebrity.

jo9y said...

Thorny if they were a season about D&C i'd watch and I will always stay loyal and watch total drama of all seasons.And please get Gwen and Trent back together.

daniela said...

hahahahaha LOVE your response thorny :)

first of all, thanks for sharing this with us (at least to me, these videos are pretty useful, cuz i'm still having troubles while drawing with my pen tablet...)

anyways what i wanted to say/write is, that i'm pretty impressed! because every tdi/tda episode is more and more interesting and funnier(i mean i CAN'T GET OVER the crazy-creepy-stalker-trent fan).

when i knew that are gonna be 4 seasons i thought oh damn, i hope they don't waste it. and fall in the same old clich├ęs.

but you guys haven't dissapoint me, you have been doing such a great job!

and bleeh i'd love to write why i like this serie so much in a better way, but my english is not as good as thought.

Anonymous said...

I would love the show with Courtney and Duncan but i need Chris ok? so it's Courtney Duncan and Chris right?
cool then (lol) i love TDA and TDI and i can't wait for TDWT and TDR??? see ya

Anonymous said...

Woah, Tongue Girl.

Why is it when everyone mentions Underdogs they forget Tyler? *runs off crying*

HAHA a whole show of Courtney and Duncan? That would be kinda funny just at the awkwardness of the dates.

"So...... nice weather today isn't it?"

Gonzalo said...

I don´t really care about the whole DxC thing the other girl was complaining about.
I would just like if any character competed on TDR or had a special job like host or something would be people like Katie and Sadie or Eva. The three of them were characters that didnt make it very far on TDI and didnt compete on TDA and wont compete in TDWT (i think)
And yea i know Sadie made it two eliminations before the merge but since Katie went home she didnt really say or do anything until the last episode where she threw apples at Courtney.
Thankfully the three talked on the Playa De Losers and on the special but thats pretty much it.
Then on TDA Katie and Sadie talked a lot on the 2 first aftermaths and then on Gwen's blog and went green but Eva just made a ¡Team Eva! phonecall (lol) and then broke a camera followed up by trashing the celebrity manhunts studio.
Good thing is the three of them with the few appearances they had you can really know who they are not like other characters that have to be in lots of episodes to get to know them.
Well just wanted to say that by the way on the first TDWT trailer i saw Eva throwing a microphone at a scottish guy if she is like a reporter on the Aftermath it would be awesome!
Another thing i hope they make the contestants that didnt get in TDWT sing in an episode. Well thx third season looks amazing and it seems its going to be better than the others!!!! cant wait

Anonymous said...

Th0rny... were you serious in your response to toque girl? I hope not...

Martin R said...

Just a question, but are these images legit? Theres a lot of talk of Sadie joining season 3 and being developed as a more emotional person who can be a bit snappy. bipolar much XD

here are the pics :O

Anonymous said...

Haha! omg, Thorny, YESS!! A show just about DxC would be freaking AWESOME. Seriously. I'd love you (more than I already do for giving us the great DxC moments in TDI/TDA) forreverr!! :D :D


Alex said...

Soooo awesome!!! It's great you guys are back on the show! When I first hear you guys were leaving te show I hated it it sucked! But now you guys are back and it's awesome!

Anonymous said...

thats good but i want EVERY and ALL 37 contests on 1 season

geoffydog said...

PLEASE DONT MAKE A SEASON ABOUT DUNCAN AND COURTNEY!!!!! Season one was awesome because all 22 characters had screentime, season 2 sucked because it was about duncan in every episode, and saeson 3 looks good because duncan gets less, but still some screen time. i loved duncan and courtney as a couple in season one, but instantly hated how people would obsess during season 2, ruining it for me, to the point where i was beaten up since i said i hated DXC. please, dont do an entire season on them, or ill end my life. total drama is all i have left in my life, and i cant stand seeing duncan or courtney on my screen whenever i look. )=>

Michelle said...

lol, I just realized Duncan's head is kinda skull shaped.

eh, I'm a little bored with Duncan and Courtney...but I can live with them.

Hobo Divine said...

How do you draw them so quickly?! That is crazy fast!
I guess I will practice slowly at first then hopefully the speed will come later!

Thank you for posting!



Anonymous said...

Hey man, awesome to hear that you'll be back for season 4. Sorry about the ranting that you hear from these fans. I certainly think that it gets a little overboard sometimes. Love your sarcastic reply though! Well, hope season 4 is great, and if the first episode of World Tour is any sign, I'm in for a great season for Total Drama.

Jordan said...

Haha, Michael Corleone...
Just saw the Godfather for the first time last night on TV. I loved it.
Not that that has anything to do with Total Drama. But, you know.

Ale-Alejandro, Ale-Alejandro. Don't Call My Name. said...

Just a few short words for me:
That is all.

Anonymous said...

How to draw Courtney's head. The title is so blunt it makes me laugh. I can't even explain why. I guess I'm imaginging emphasis on the word head. Hmmmmm... now I must dig through my sub-concious to figure out why I find this so funny.