Monday, June 21, 2010

All Things Fresh...

Looks like the studio that brought you 6teen, TDI and Stoked have finally put together their very own blog with frequent posts about new productions and secret info on old favorites ~ cool.


Mchappy said...

I will check up on that Blog! That is cool that they got one of their own :]

Apples928 said...

That's cool, but I wonder if the Total Drama series will have a facebook-themed episode. It would be cool, so I can see the contestants use social networking.

EpicBacon said...

I loved that blog, they talked about Dramatic Static the most popular TDWT forum ever with over 44,000 posts and leaked picture! :D

Check it out at

Anonymous said...

You're finally back on posting for this blog?! YES!!!!

Jordan said...

Oh my God - I just saw the first episode! It looks like this will be the best season yet.
o.o no offense Mark.
I hate Alejandro. And the preview for the rest of the season looks...odd. No spoilers here though.

Oh, and though Cartoon Network aired a sneak peek of TDWT earlier this week showing the part where Alejandro swears, it was edited out in the episode.

What the heck was that about?

I loved it though. And it looks like Ezekiel finally gets some screen time.

NoahCody#1FanGirl said...


Being very rough on Spanish..I think Alejandro says some bad words in Spanish..Rotfl XD