Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Another Day in the Life of Mr Potenza

Hey Kids!
Here's another video clip of our pal Chris.
This time he's interviewing the lovely Stephanie Mills


Zeke Obsessed said...

That was awesome! :)

I would LOVE to see Peter Oldring. He's the voice of the underappreciated, absolutely adorable and FINALLY getting another chance to shine on TDWT...


Thorny! Can you post a picture of him?! We don't even know what he LOOKS like!

PartyBoiice the Total Drama Fan/youtuber said...

this guy is really cool!!! Lot of Total Drama fans have youtube accounts...mabey you should think about doing an event for all of the total drama youtube fans....mabey a tdi camp!!! Those are really popular and i would join :)

Anonymous said...

I think there are alot of fans that would like to see the voice actor that does Noah.

Amber said...

omg u should interview drew nelson!!
tht would be AWESOME

Noah+Cody4EVER said...

AWESOME! I love Lindsay! "Are you Tyler?" XD

Can we meet the voice of Noah? I love Noah! He's my favorite character, the little sarcastic bookworm! Or maybe Peter Oldring? He does all the two most adorable charcaters-- Cody and Ezekiel :3

I wanna know-- are any of you surprised at how many people wish Cody and Noah were a couple? There are a LOT of fans of that couple! Just google it, you'll get A LOT of results. I love the ear kiss in the Big Sleep <333

Josh said...

Sweeeeet vid dude! Can u please put up a video with the voice of Trent. PLEASE!!!!

Anonymous said...

That's so awesome! Stephanie seems to be so nice!
I would LOVE to see Peter Oldring!!! I am in love with Cody!!! He's so sweet! And adorable! X3
Tyler and Zeke are awesome ,too.
Just not as much as the Codemeister!!! :)

Furuba said...

:O wowie kazowie. These people who are the voices of other cartoon characters are a big truckload of AWESOME! I would really like to see the voice of Gwen sometime, Mr.Thorny. Thanks so much Mr.Potenza also!