Thursday, March 11, 2010

A rose by any other name.....

Hey Kids!

The name of season 3 may have changed, but the concept of the show remains the same. So all of you worried about season 3 having to be "redone" can put your minds at ease. The pose sheets below all have the old TDM logo on them but you'll be sure to see these images flash by you at 30 frames per second once TDWT takes to the airwaves.
(No, I don't know when it airs , so don't ask) Here's song and dance man Chris McLean showing some skill.
And here's newcomer Alejandro rockin some poses.

Sierra's a bit of a superfan, with an understandably huge crush on Cody. This pic shows the difference between storyboard panels and finished poses for animation. (Note the fact that the artist cheated Cody's feet off the ground to make the first pose work. He's actually not tall enough to be in this pose, but since he's only shown waist up on camera, it's cool.) And for all you Zeke fans -- here's proof that he makes at least ONE appearance on the show.
Stay tuned for more updates.


Zobe said...

Oh wow. Im not exactly screaming for Ezekial but that happy pose of his is just great. Vectoring glitch on cody's shirt hanging out when Sierra is holding him up, no outline D:

I seriously can't wait. I'm rooting for Cody and Izzy to be the final 2. I love Noah, but I don't see him getting there :(

Odd question, but could you upload how you MAKE the characters. It looks vectored and I'd love to see how you separate the parts :3

Anonymous said...

Is there going to be a Total Drama Action special to set the scene up for TDWT? I can't wait to see Total Drama World Tour!!!!

Anonymous said...

I can't wait for this new season to start which I hope it's soon.

Anonymous said...

wow, chris looks so... hot.

Anonymous said...

I love you for posting this! <333 (Lol)

Nalyd Renrut said...

Love all the poses. I noticed, however, you spelled Chris' last name "McClean" where in a previous post you said "McLean"... Interesting... (I love Ezekiel's poses XD)

Anonymous said...

What about the Theme song and Chris saying "The Musical" after every "Total...Drama...?" Does that mean you'll have to recall all the season for one name change at the beginning of each episode?

Anonymous said...

What annoys me is that you spelled "McLean" as "McClean". Seriously? Please respond, Thorny or Todd.

Anonymous said...

when you know this show airs can you tell us

Anonymous said...

wow Chris McClean can dance sing host a show and deal with a buch of teens he has alot of talent. but is duncan in for at least one apperance on the show like Zeke

Anonymous said...

i top 2 favorot shows are total drama and lost but i like total drama more

Anonymous said...

Thnx 4 da update Thorny! I was so worried I was like "what?!?!!" good thing itz the same season tho! Oh and I luv the pix! Sierra iz SUCH and uber fan, Zeke looks soo funny, Chris is well....Chris, and Alejandro looks cool. CANT WAIT 4 DA SEASON 2 AIR!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Nice to see Ezekiel showing up at least once. Just hoping Katie and Sadie get a bit of screen time this season, after being left out two in a row.

JetJake said...

I like this name better. The only thing I don't like, is how it doesn't really explain the singing, and dancing part of the show. Total Drama The Musical made it so that you knew there was singing and dancing. This one doesn't really explain that part in the title.

Also Ezekiel better make it to the merge atleast. I'm not a big fan of him, but I think he deserves to make it farther than he did last time around.

P.B.D. said...

Mclean is awsome fancy. :)

Ezekiel is WIN! Not that Zeke fans need assurance since he was in the elimination ceremony in the trailer. Though I do hope that he stays on long than 10 episodes. If he dosn't than that is story development fail.

I wonder why he is on the ground? Was he pushed?

I have two theories.

1. Ezekiel was told he was a contestant. Though he wouldn't be happy about that considering the girls still hold a bit of a grudge at the least.

2. The girls finally forgave him. Shouldn't even be mad at him in the first place. It wasn't his fault.That was how he was raised.

Addition theory #3. He and Izzy became a couple. (Wishful thinking ;))

I am quite pleased. It seems he is going to be like TDC Ezekiel, as most perfere. I am also glad that they seem to be giving the other characters more personality and story and actually treating them right.
Someone tll Kebold about this. :)

Anyway heres hoping Ezekiel or Cody win TDM. Or at least make it to the final 3.

Haroldfan 26 said...

I am so excited.
Oh, and to one of the Anonymous-
...He specifically said not to ask when the show airs...

Anonymous said...

Yay for Cody! I wish I could meet him but he does not live in our world.

Mary said...

I think I'm going to like this season a lot. Sierra seems really cool so far, I like the fact that she's a super fan of the show like most of us are. Not so sure about Alejandro though. I do hope Duncan and Courtney last a lot longer than two or three eps. A lot of fans keep saying they think Duncan won't:'( I know you can't tell us the secrets of elimination yet so I won't ask.

Anonymous said...

ZEKE. <3
Hoping to see some Noah poses next, hopefully. ;D

The Cartoon said...

It worries me a little that you say "At least one appearence" of Zeke. Does that mean that he won't be appearing much? Oh well, I'm excited for the season anyway and those are all great pictures.

Zeke_Girl said...

Gee FINALLY! After how many emails, complaints, and begging from the Zeke fan we finally have TWO new poses. x(

Well we Zeke fans have slowly made him more popular with our fics and our pics...hopefully it's only a matter of time until HE gets the chance he has been OWED since Season 1!

I love the poses really, but can you just stop the whole messing around with Zeke thing! Put him on Season 3 as a contestant and focus on the underdogs for once!!!

And also that "NEW" trailer for Total Drama World Tour is the same as the old...Gwen is still hovering in midair along with Bridgette, and her foot is STILL hanging in mid air.

That a little hint there Thorny?

Underdog Zeke said...






Anonymous said...

I adore Alejandro, Sierra, Chris, and Ezekiel. The only thing that worries me is that you stated that Ezekiel makes atleast one appearance on the show. Ezekiel is my favorite contestant and I was hoping we would get more of Zeke this season. If he returns and wins against someone like Heather, Sierra, or even Alejandro...I would scream and jump up and down with joy. Our original last place loser has become the 3rd season winner!!! (Atleast I hope so...)

Anonymous said...

Chris in bowler hat=Awsum sauce:D

Haha!!! All great artist cheat and steal! Picasso says so!!!>D

Anonymous said...

An understandably huge crush on Cody? I think Gwen would beg to differ ;)

FAUSTO said...

PLSSSS, post something about Izzy!! i need to know more about Explosivo! she must win! shes really great i like all about her, and i jealous about Owen, but if she like it theres no problem, plsss more of Izzy!!!! images, videos, or an interview with Catie Crown, cuz Izzy is the only hotnes!! XP plsss tons more of Izzy, something insane!! or you guys will eat a trojan taco!!

Bubblegum05 said...

Yayyyy my three fave characters will all be in one season!Also, I think this name suits better. :)

P.S glad Ezekiel is getting screen time!

Giuliana said...

I LOVE Chris' pose in the first panel, starting from the left. Aw, those scenes between Sierra and Cody are so cute

The Way of the Ezekiel said...

So guys must be doing a little tribute to Michael Jackson huh? :)

Also FINALLY new Zeke pictures! Unlike the REST of the fans we only have a very very limited number of images we can use on youtube for our own obsessive Zeke shrines...

And World Tour? Thorny do you know just how many people on fanfiction dot net have used that title? LOL.

Here's hoping the ONE appearance is NOT like TDA where he clapped and then hung out in the background and he did not talk!

I mean Canada show! You guys should be so proud of your Canadian Speaking Homeschooler!

Sigh...Zeke is soo underappreciated...

rosepot said...

"He's actually not tall enough to be in this pose, but since he's only shown waist up on camera, it's cool" I have to confess, I laughed really hard at that. I REALLY love this show. :)

In related news, Alejandro is really gorgeous, for an animated teenager. ^_^

Haroldfan 26 said...

@ Anonymous
It's not a bowler hat
It's a fedora...

Jess said...

Trent competes I think.

Anonymous said...

YES! Zeke is in! I'm cheering for him, Noah, Cody, Tyler, Harold, Izzy, Bridgette and DJ!

I hoppe Courtney gets kicked off early.

Haroldfan 26 said...

Thorny! Read this! Please! It's urgent!



Anonymous said...

Niiiice. I just am wondering why the name was changed. It seems a whole lot of trouble for one little thing. But! Season looks great. Looking forward to seeing it, and... Zeke is in it! :D

Jason said...

I think those Chris poses are for him introducing the new season.
(1 pose)
Walking in
(2 pose)
"Get ready for the-"
(3 pose)
"total drama. This season on-"
(4 pose)
"Total Drama World Tour!"

Please remember, this is just a guess. Also, there are inbetween stages for the four poses.

Capella(Ella)&Izabell(Izzy) Dasha said...

I say i can relate to Sierra but not in a Cody way, im more of a over-all-of-the-WHOLR-SUPER-DUPER-fan
(plz note that doesn't mean i dis-like Cody)

Anonymous said...

P.B.D's theories were understandable, but I have one that's much more likely. Remember in the trailer when Izzy was on Zeke's shoulders and they fell over? Well, first pic is Zeke sad cause he dropped Izzy. Second is that he's happy that Izzy "forgave" him.

TDIshewolf said...

EPIC! I can already tell that I am going to love Alejandro!!!!!

P.B.D. said...

Um.. Ezekiel IS a contestant. In the trailer he was at the elimination ceremony and it was betwen him and DJ. He is a contestant, It's just a matter of how long he stays and how he is written.

Anonymous said...

Aww! I love the Sierra and Cody scenes. So Cute! So it looks like Ezekiel is back after all eh? I'm not a big fan of him but it sure did make me smile. So Chris is Micheal Jackson now? I can totally picture him doing something like that. And OMG! Those Alejandro scenes are so funny!

So over all this really made my day! Thank you Mr. Thorny. =)

Blicia said...

I can not see the image of Alejandro in full size!!! =( =( =(

Anonymous said...

i cant what till this shows starts i think this is the vote of oder
16th duncan
15th zeke
14th lashana
13th heather
12th tyler
11th harold
10th noah
9th cortaney
8th cody
7th lindsay
6th new girl
5th izzy
4th new guy
3rd gwen
2nd dj
winner brigget

Anonymous said...

This is my cast for season 4
New guy

Anonymous said...

im happy about the name for season 3
but will there be 26 episodes like the last two seasons and if it were up to you ¸who would you like to see win out of season 3

Anonymous said...

It's some great pose sheets. At the first pose with Chris, it looks like he's doing the moonwalk.

Hehe, Cody and Sierra will soon be a human-version of Sonic and Amy(I'm a Sonic-fan).

Alejandro and Sierra seems to be cool characters but since we don't know them so much yet, I can't give a opinions on them.

I hope Tyler get more air-time in third season, he didn't got much attention and that's a shame since I'm a fan of him.

I can't wait to watch the third season.

Josh said...

I'm SO excited! Great update Thorny! TDWT is gonna be sick! (Personally, i like TDWT better than TDM. The name just feels better.)
Also, this was posted on my B-Day! Thx for the B-Day present! I'm real excited for another montage of Total Drama!
...I do have a question though...
What was the "TDR" thingy for?
Was that the possible name for Season 4? Or, was that just another idea for seaon 3... hm...?
Okay! thx! Bye!


- Josh

Anonymous said...

THANK YOU SOOOOOO MUCH FOR THIS PICS but do you have some heather/gwen???? they are my favorite characters PLEASE????

Anonymous said...

Nice touch with chris doing some michael jackson, but i'm curious, what are you gonna do about chris saying the old title millions of times? (lets face it he does do it a little too much)

Zeke for the Win! said...

Nice MJ reference! Way to honor this once in a lifetime mega star!

Character wise...

*I'll have to see on Alendanjro

*Sierra CREEPS ME OUT and I very much hope Cody DOES end up with GWEN in the end...

*Courtney getting kicked off in the first 3 will make me VERY HAPPY

*EZEKIEL BETTER LAST LONG and EZZY friendship and/or romance would be EPIC!!!

And for once when you guys break some couples up could you switch the pairings officially? The road to love does not run smoothly...

Also I hope Zeke WILL be in Season 4 along with Izzy, Harold and our 3forgotten females...Eva, Katie and Sadie.

Anonymous said...

DJ FOR THE WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Are there any more artwork out yet as I work love to see a new one of Noah maybe.

Zeke for Season 3!!! (who can't find her log in number) said...

I want more pictures of ZEKE!!!

I want that flier on cake to show he IS on it

And I want Ezekiel to last a long long time AND be on TDI 4!!!

Lots and Lots of Ezzy will make me one happy girl. And Harold and LeShawna are just adorably cute together!

The CHEATER who SUES people and DEMANDS PERKS can just go jump off a cliff! x(

Oh wait....She didn't and wore a CHICKEN HAT!

And I very much would LOVE to hear Ezekiel speak in his different accents! :D

ZEKE ZEKE ZEKE ZEKE...give us underdogs more pictures of ZEKE! :D

Anonymous said...

Okay, so the Zeke fans know that he will be on, the Cody fans know he will make one appearance, but what about the rest?
How long will ____ last?

Rain_Fall said...

Ezekiel's in it?
YAAYYAYAYA you just made my day :D
Can't wait for the show to premiere!

Anonymous said...

Im withe above guy. Gwen was taken out way to early in TDA

bkreed said...

Yes, yes, yes, YES! I am a big Ezekiel fan, and I am so glad hes at least on once! That pose is just so great, it makes me happy!

Haha Cody and Sierra

callofduty42s said...



But I hope Noah, Tyler and Zeke get their screentimes n stuff...AND HAROLD! GOD, HAROLD IS AWSHUM! take duncan out and put ZEKE on IT!

Anonymous said...

I found out that Trent's gonna be in Total Drama World Tour along with Eva. I heard about it on and I'm not joking about it.

Haroldfan 26 said...

@ Josh
Mine's the 14th :)

Anonymous said...

when will there be an update? and can you tell us if there will be a total drama action special and the air date and show some artwork. thats what people want to see by the way this season has a great cast

Wipeout Whale said...

Just came back from a Latin American country, and I've a few questions:

Are there extra animations included in syndicated versions of TDI/A?

Do Cartoon Network affiliates determine how long an ep should run and when to cue commercials and intro/outros (or lack thereof)?

Would we EVER see them in Canada?
(eg. Justin spraying his hair)

Anonymous said...

Wow I'm just like Sierra (not the obsessed-with-Cody part) I'm a total uber fan I'm obsessed with TDI/A/WT! For like maybe two months I've done tons of research on the new season, written out a cast list and any other info I could find, AND I've already made the most logical team predictions that can be made at this point. lol I know this would never happen, but I WISH IZZY AND NOAH WOULD HOOK UP! They're my fav crack couple before CodyxGwen.

NOAH FTW!!!!!!
and if Noah can't win, let it be ANYONE. BUT. COURTNEY! she used to be my fave but she ruined her rep in season 2, what with all the, er.... MEANNESS....lets go with that

Anonymous said...

noha will get some screen time this season same as cody and tyler but i dont know about zeke

Anonymous said...

Whelp I'm hoping Zeke gets kicked off the first time around again. He's a bit of a buzzkill. My only theory is close spaces make excellent lines of how to prank your resident host

Anonymous said...

All of you Ezekiel fans better not complain when he goes home early. Your lucky he's a contestant at all.

Anonymous said...

Well, of course we will be upset. He was voted off first, then didn't compete, and now we wnat him to redeem himself. Kobold Necromancer would approve. And what do you mean "buzzkill?" Like I said above, he didn't even get a chance. He's better then courtney. So all you courtney fans, don't complain when SHE goes home early. Oh snap!

n5d25d90 said...

First of all, glad Zeke's gonna make at least one appearance in the season. I'm still hoping he'll be more involved than that.

I have a few predictions of my own. Not any elimination orders or anything, but just some things that I think possibly could happen and would be rather astonished if they actually did:

First, if Ezekiel actually isn't a contestant, I wonder if he'll be tagging along as the group's translator, considering that he supposedly can speak multiple languages.

Second, whether or not anything happens between Cody and Gwen at all (not saying one way or the other, but anyone that knows me probably knows what I'm hoping for XD), I predict that Sierra, remembering Cody's crush on Gwen, might try to "eliminate the competition" so to speak. ;) I personally think it'd make for good drama. But you know, what happens happens, and I'll probably walk away pleased with whatever we get in season three no matter what.

Anonymous said...

Dont get me started on Courtney. Jeese louise she is an even bigger buzz-kill then Zeke was! Oh hell she shouldn't even BE on the third season to tell the truth. In all honesty I wouldn't be surprised if Zeke left in a body-cast, Cody gets mauled by a hear again, Noah gets crushed by Owen, and Eva crushes someone's windpipe for looking at her funny. Half expecting them to pull pranks, have natural disasters happen and so on. Knowing Chris its not going to stop within the challenges either. He seems to be getting more and more nasty by each season. Above said, on this notation the few listing of theories probably will happen knowing Mclean.

Anonymous said...

Ezekiel didn't get a chance because he's a sexist jerk!

1. He had a strong belief guys were better than girls in numerous manners of speaking.
2. All he did on the show was pick his nose.
3. He shot his own mom with an arrow.

What more could make him a terrible character?

n5d25d90 said...

No offense, but how is Duncan any better than Ezekiel in the "sexist" department? "Typical chicks with zero sense of direction!" for example. Quote from Duncan, not lying.

And perhaps the reason why all Ezekiel did on the show was pick his nose was because he wasn't on long enough to do anything else. Look at Harold. What did he do those first two episodes? Besides get in a lot of pain?

Generally, people aren't just hot or cold. The reason why Ezekiel is perceived as a terrible character is because all we saw of him were things we consider terrible. There's bound to be more there than that, especially considering the fact that he teamed up with two girls in the special. Not to mention that, in the special, he had a good eye for the case and complimented Lindsay on her strategy at one point.

TDW Ezekiel said...

Actually he is misunderstood. And the boys vs. girls smarter/stronger debate has been going on for almost everyone since grade school. Zeke is homeschooled and no social interaction.

AND HE jumped off the cliff. HE carried a box. He laughed at Harold's comment. As for the playa des losers that was a farce.

Look what happened in TDDDI...if anything Chris had something to do with the Metal Z and the hip talk.

He's not a terrible character...he's a diamond in the rough.

Had he stayed and Courtney left since HE jumped and SHE didn't a lot of redemption would be done.

A good character can make bad mistakes, put it in their past and move on like it never happened.

A GREAT character can make bad mistakes, learn from them and work towards improving themselves.

Zeke is long overdue for that.

P.B.D. said...

"Ezekiel didn't get a chance because he's a sexist jerk!

1. He had a strong belief guys were better than girls in numerous manners of speaking.
2. All he did on the show was pick his nose.
3. He shot his own mom with an arrow.

What more could make him a terrible character?"

Sexist? Yes. Well he was until the special. Jerk? HECK NO!!!

1.Ezekiel was brought up that way by his dad. It's how he was taught. He never has been in the real world before, so he didn't know what he was saying was wrong. He was just folling his father's advice which he assumed was right.

2.Um.. yeah? Really? I mean of course he didn't do much, he was unfairly kicked off first for having differn't belief.Maybe if someone talked to him taught how the world actually works, he would of understood.

3.He thought she was a moose. Stop grasping at straws, it's not working.At all.

A lot actually. Ezekiel could be a great character,if he was handled like how Kebold handled him. With care,respect,and complete understanding of the character.

And that's my defense for one of TDI's greatest characters, Ezekiel. :)

By the way, have you read Total Drama Comeback?Not only is it the best TDI fanfic evermade, but every character was handled perfectly and Ezekiel was done the way he should be done in Total drama World Tour (He was in the elimination ceremony in the trailer so YES he IS a contestant.). I suggest you read Kebold Necromancer's work on That goes for everyone who has not read his work yet.It made Ezekiel go from my "meh" character list to being my second favorite character!

@n5d25d90: I really hope for a good love square(Trent's gonna be involved someway). Is it wrong that I hope Cody and Gwen hook up? They are my absoloute favorite pairing! <3 The Geek deserves his Goth!!!! :)

Dennis said...

While we're talking about season 3, I've recently learned of an hour special for season 2 supposedly airing on Cartoon Network April 6th at eight. It's called "Celebrity Manhunt's Total Drama Action Reunion Special." I say flanksteak. What say you?

daniela said...

thanks for share this with us :]

Anonymous said...

Well, I thought that from my rant about how Zeke needs a chance would be flamed more. Now that I've cooled down, let's get started. Well, it was an accident that he shot his mom with an arrow. How do you know that was all he did. He is quite talented, if you read about his stats. Finally, don't get mad about sexism. Sure, it was out of line, but as he said, his dad told him to help the woman. WOuldn't that mean that he was raised to believe that? It isn't his fault, he never really got interaction with other kids. But don't slam homeschooling. I happen to be homeschooled.

Anonymous said...

One more thing. If you had a chance, would you give Zeke another chance, Thorny? Yeah, I'm the guy that wrote the "Give Zeke a Chance" rants. PLEASE ANSWER!!! I'D DO ANYTHING! Not really. But please answer.

Anonymous said...

The pics with Zeke don't show up for me... :(

I hope Zeke is on the show for more then just the first episode... but from the looks of the trailer the writers of the show will make it into a cruel joke and get him voted off first again... :(

n5d25d90 said...

@P.B.D: If there's something wrong with that, there's something wrong with me, too, 'cause that's my OTP. XD Man, I sounded like a real nerd right there.

I've read Kobold's fanfics, too. In fact, he's inspired me more than once.

@Dennis: I heard about that, too. I hope our legs aren't being pulled. (Nah, they wouldn't do that to us, would they? XD)

roxy said...

Hey guys. I'm a huge fan:P
But I mean... Dude, like, we NEED more characters.
I mean, its a new season, you can't just use the same people for the same seasons, eventually everyone will know what everyone's gonna do, and the show will become one of those lame shows no one watches.. like... Uh... Idk... Lol, but really...:( i wanna see cool characters,

Anonymous said...

Can you imagine ZEke apearing in at least 3 chapters of TDWT, that would be awesome! ANd if he could make it to the final, that would be even more awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
But as I`ve seen in the trailers, the poor ezekiel got eliminated in the first chapter again :( PLEASE, LET ZEKE AT LEAST 3 CHAPTERS IN SEASON 3!!!! he`s an awesome character, with an awesome personality! (who won`t remember his appereance in ``after the dock of shame`` chapter) I mean, he deserves at least one more opportunity ``cause the only memorable thing he said in TDI was: 'I think I`ve saw a bird!' just give him the chance to correct his errors....AND TO WIN ONE MILLION DOLLARS!!!!!!!!!!! :D

Anonymous said...

Meh, Zeke's personality in the fandom is mostly fanon due to the lack of airtime. The way people portray him is their own interpretation of what he would do in certain situations.
It's a shame, if you ask me.

We can't really do anything about it now. Begging and pleading the producers to not have Zeke booted off early isn't going to change anything; they've probably already finished production.

All we could do at this point is hope that Zeke gets the airtime that he rightfully deserves. And if he doesn't, well, the producers are going to be hearing it from some angry Zeke fans. xD

Vivian said...

I love this show!
Okay you know what will be super cool? see Courtney and Gwen become friends!

I know they are diferent, but they are my favorite characters in the show, after comes Heather and Izzy.
Man I want see they become friends!

Stop with this fight about Duncan, come on, Duncan and Courtney is the most popular couple in all show! and DxG start become really unpopular and boring.

I vote to see DxC together forever and TxG come back!
Who is with me?

hUGEtdaFAN said...

I want see Courtney and Gwen become friends
and stop the idea of DxG... start become boring.

Anonymous said...

the first pose for ezekial is him sitting at the elimination ceremony and the second one is after he finds out that hes safe. Just a guess.

Anonymous said...

I am soo excited for season 3!
Courtney is in other season! YEAH!
Please, stop make her acting like a spoiled nasty girl, she is not evil!
and PLEASE stop make DxG moments! jezz, DxC is sooo much better then DxG.
I WANT SEE GWEN WITH TRENT! T_T why you guys hurt the TxG and DxC fans soo much?
AND PLEASE, make Courtney become friend with Gwen! they are awesome and they don't need fight!

Anonymous said...

I hope the others charcter have more focus in this new season.
Like Cody, Tyler, Ezekiel, Sierra...
but I also want see more DuncanxCourtney moments. I hope in this season stop the DxG "moments"
and I want see Courtney and Gwen become friends, but for this happens, Duncan need get out soon... Sooo, I hope Duncan be the first vote off (but he isn't break up with Courtney)

SarahH said...

I'm really excited to see more of Seira! She seems like a really fun person. Its really cool how I feel like the people are a part of my life! I am such a mega-fan!

Anonymous said...

Courtney and Gwen for friends!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Stop making "moments" between DxG!

Anonymous said...

For real, I want see duncan be elimined soon.
Really, he alredy go to the final 2 times! I guess is time for someone else have they time for shine!

and if you guys will not doing TrentxGwen come back, make her make out with Tyler.
so much better then the fan-couple DxG
Gross and nasty....>:(

Vivian said...


truteal said...

the people who prefer pairing Cody up with Gwen or Noah are not going to like Sierra

Wonton86 said...

:D I wanna dye my hair purple so I can be like Sierra.