Thursday, December 10, 2009

This is it!!


Anonymous said...


mwahahaha i have an evil mind....
.....thanks to fan-based and nonfan-based websites

Apples928 said...

I played the Best Game Ever, and it was the final challenge. For the past 27 weeks, I have finally finished what the Best Game Ever was about. All 24 studios are open, and all of the challenges are complete.

tofsilver said...


Anonymous said...

Great! Does this mean we find out the Official Season 3 list out too?

I'm tired of the yo yoing about Ezekiel! xP

Melissa :) said...

WOW I can't wait!!!! It seems like just yesterday TDI was starting! What a long way we got!

courtneyfan4ever said...

whats up with beth in the 1st picture?????

Haroldfan 26 said...

This is so ironic, but I guess we should get our dues...
Teletoon was behind us for the longest time and now they get to see the finale an hour and a half before us.

I really hope the networks have the sense to air season three on the same dates.

Platyna said...

I hope there's a definite winner this 2nd season. Beth is a sweet girl, but I hope it's Duncan! Can't wait to watch tonight on Cartoon Network. :-P

Anonymous said...

YEAH my pick won!! so the extra stuff with chris XD

Anonymous said...

This ep is airing on my birthday!! Thank you, directors of TDA, for the best birthday present ever! YOU GUYS ROCK!

TDIFan247 said...

-is spaztastic for the finale-

CiCi said...
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Anonymous said...

4 Words...

Duncan is a FOOL.

I can't STAND manipulative brats who get what they want. xP

Anonymous said...


Sam said...


p.s. duncan is a fireman

Jakep123 said...

Im really mad Beth didn't win. I'm pretty sure you guys didn't listen to our votes. or you just chose Duncan because you knew he would get the most votes. All im saying is it's kinda weird to have 2 boy winners in a row, plus Duncan already made it to the final 4 last season! I really think Beth deserved it more. D: And I wish Beth was in tdm since she didnt win. Sigh...

Anonymous said...

Chris torment was hilarious and AWESOME!!!

Seeing that whiny brat Courtney being muted AND covered in ink?! Out did yourself!

Having Duncan be the winner, Courtney instantly laying claim to his money AND yet another cliche D+C kiss?!! just ruined it. xP


Honestly! It's like TDA actually stands for Totally Duncan and Courtney Action!

And that is NOT why I liked the show...there are MORE characters then just those two.

Give the OTHERS a chance to shine for once! xP

You know what would be awesome? DJ kissing Heather, Cody dating Eva, Courtney a victim of her own lawyer cheat, Ezekiel befriending or dating Izzy, heck! Tyler actually good at a sport!

You said you guys are listening to the fans. Can you listen to OTHER fans BESIDES the D+C ones?

Or are WE NOT important enough? Is it such a threat for our fav characters to be seen for half the time that D+C is at most?

It's TIME you put away the D+C kisses, cliche I hate you yet no one else can have you jealously and focus in on the other 20 characters.

Maybe you might end up with a NEW fan favorite...but that would mean taking away the spotlight from D+C. GASP! THE HORROR!

Season 2 is officially a washout to me and I will NOT be purchasing it.

Good luck with Season 3. Make it the TRUE followup to Season 1..creepy creepy Sierra girl and all.

And toquegirl has one more comment...IS EZEKIEL ON SEASON 3 or NOT?!

Anonymous said...

That was SO dramatic! Well done!

(will there be a *cough cough* Total Drama Drama Drama Drama Action to lead up to season three? =)

Anonymous said...

Duncan won in the US, so who won in Canada?

Anonymous said...

Actually you guys had it right with the BETH ending.

CIT ranting about her lawyers, Beth getting the applause from everyone, Beth getting KNOCKED OUT AND everyone gathered around her motionless body?!


Still not buying the video though. Too MUCH D+C favortism and not enough of everyone else.

HAROLD AND IZZY for the WIN! And Zeke for next season!

Jade K. said...

Ah my winner guess was wrong but the person I wanted to win won. You should tell us who the storyline winner is and the alternate winner is once the winner airs in Canada.
But yay for the TDA winner in the states. The episode moved too fast but it was hilarious!
Personally I think the recent losers [Lindsay, Justin, Courtney, Harold] should of had there own Aftermath to speak at like the rest of the TDA losers. I really wanted to see a Courtney and Justin fight or something but hey that's just me. xD

Anonymous said...

DUNCAN WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND DxC ARE BACK TOGETHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Putting a hardly shown character vs. an overly shown character to a vote?


Makeout vs. Knockout....

Hmmmm...In the TRUE TDI spirit gotta go with KNOCKOUT.

Anonymous said...

who came up with the lousy voting idea in the first place?! One sided MUCH?

Anonymous said...

Duncan wins! Duncan wins! Duncan wins! Duncan wins! Duncan wins! Duncan wins! Duncan wins! Duncan wins! Duncan wins! Duncan wins!

Can you guess who I voted for?

Cody for the win in Total Drama the Musical!

Giuliana said...

Already saw both versions of the final, and I liked them. Let me say THANK YOU for saving one of my favourite couples, even when it was at the last minute. But what happened with the other? When they interchanged glances briefly I had some hope, but then we don't see any sign of making up things from them T _ T.
Wow, never expected that "official" winner, you did a great job fooling people with the TDM trailer (Including myself XD).Now I ask myself what will lead to the next season, even when looks like is settled a year after TDA

Haroldfan 26 said...

Well, Duncan won in the US, but I still watched the alternate ending on Cartoon Network's website.

Good for him; I really wanted Beth to win, but he's been through so much.

Katt said...

It has been nearly 24 hours, and I am still shocked at who won!

I gotta say tho, that episode was interesting! Chris is bald? Who knew!

Wow... Trent is still sore about Gwen breaking up with him? Gosh man, let it go! Start dating that creepy chick with the lifesize doll of you...

I KNEW it! I knew Brady was real! I k-n-e-w it! I thought he was the new intern though... he sounded different than what I imagined him sounding though.

Chris CANNOT sing! And that uis coming from Tone-Deaf Katt!

Anonymous said...

Was this the last season? The end? PLEASE do not let this be the end!

Anonymous said...

Could you tell us how the upcoming special would have played out had (to avoid any spoilers) the other person won?
...When it airs of course. Nice job on this season! :D

Anonymous said...

Nice joke guys! LOL! Duncan winning and Courtney instantly laying claim to her money?

Good good joke.

Seriously can you put the real ending to TDA up now?

Anonymous said...

Hey did you guys see? While the Duncan ending was aired on television

the BETH ending was aired on ITUNES! Does that mean Beth was supposed to be the real winner or something?

Go go Beth! Your ending ROCKED HARD! And knocked you out. xD Chris tastic ending!

Anonymous said...

Duncan won!!! How are you going to lead into season 3 with this? Is there going to be a "Total Drama, Drama, Drama, Drama, Drama, Action" type thing? Please answer, I'm sure we're all itching to know!

#1TDiFan said...

And there was soooo much DxC in it :D.

Anonymous said...

WOOt!! Duncan WOn!!

Anonymous said...

Duncan won yeah!!!!!!!!!!!! but what abount seson 3 will you still post stuff?

floral said...

Awesome finale. Having the contestants pick who wins and using our votes to decide how that goes. And also having Chris and Chef almost going on vacation until they see what they were showing about Chris. Duncan wins, the best outcome to TDA, voted for him over 100 times.

Although the alternate ending was good too, with Courtney planning to launch another lawsuit.

TDAFanLover said...

I was sad to see Duncan win... But they were both two good competitors, so I won't complain!

Anonymous said...

I'm hoping for the TDDDA switch. Only 8 people voted not 13. The whole thing just seemed phony and staged.

Especially the OMG!! D+C back! Courtney is a politician. She saw opportunity and pounced. It is exactly what happened on TDDDI when she left Duncan on the beach.

When will he learn that a pretty face sometimes has a viper under the skin.

Here's hoping you fix this gravous oversight in the followup special especially since Beth isn't in there!

Kristin S said...

Wow xD A lot of mixed comments here. Awesome. I'm glad Duncan won but I'm not surprised that he did. Everyone says Beth was a less shown character but I feel we learned a lot about her this season and she had plenty of moments, but this season kind of made her look bad a lot. xD;; Oh well. I'm also really happy about DxC in the end even though their relationship gets more and more shallow by the minute.

And I'd also love to know if there's going to be a TDDDDDA that will explain how and why there's a season 3. xD

Anonymous said...


My favorite parts were the clips on Chris, the "I bet Ryan Secrest's driver would be able to fly the car!" , Owen trying to 'be healthy and excersise' and only managing to do TWO jumping jacks! And when the pen exploded on Courtney, when Duncan won, when Brigette and Geoff started making out in the control room, when Izzy-i mean-Escope-i mean-EXPLOSIVO-yea yea that's it- voted for herself! Hilarious!

I'm kinda sad to see DxC back together, though. I was hoping that there would be a little DxG action in season 3. Oh well :'(.

But Brady's real!?!?!?!?!? OML I couldn''t believe it, but I liked it when he said "Oh was I supposed to bring a gift?" LOL!

But the next day I went on you tube and I watched the alternate ending where BETH won... stil okay.... DxC still got back together...

There is never an "official winner" Duncan won in some countries, Beth probably won in others. Remember last season when Owen won in some *most* countries, and Gwen won in like Norway? Well look at season 2. They never mentioned who ACTUALLY won. So Duncan isnt the "oficial winner that they are going to mention next season and going to wrap the storyline around that" because it wouldn't make sense in any countries where Beth actually won. So yea there'd a lil' piece of information to think about.

Anonymous said...

Now seson 3 is comeing up so do they sing and what does trent geoff and eva do? my guess the camper that wins is tyler 2nd place is izzy 3rd is DJ

Alagaesian said...

Chris Humiliation = Bwahahahaha!
Hole in the Wall = Bwahahahaha!
Duncan wins and Perfect Girl gets half the money = groan...

Personally, and I think a lot of people can agree with me on this, I liked D+C better in the first season. Back then, Courtney didn't make me want to throw heavy objects at the TV. But, also, there was actually romantic things happening in season one. From all the abuse Duncan has taken from Courtney, I think it's fair that he voted her off. But, Courtney suckering her way back into his heart so she can get some of his cash? Nerve-fraying.

I also don't understand why Beth, who has been built up as the moral, innocent, misunderstood character all season, had to take such a hard dive. No money, and no slot next season? True, she has Brady. But, in the alternate ending, she had both money AND her boyfriend. Meh. Can't really count.

Yes, I know, you wanted us to vote. But, I don't think the rabid D+C fans that caused Duncan's win would have been too upset with the alternate ending, where the two of them still get back together somewhat.

Anna D said...

I made a paper in school here are the words

I miss total drama and I don't wanna musical

it was somthing like that :(

Haroldfan 26 said...

So, that's it, huh. I really wish Cartoon Network would've shown a TDTM trailer during the finale like they did last year with TDA.

Is Cartoon Network gonna even SHOW Total Drama the Musical?

'Cause I can't STAND watching TV shows on Youtube. o_0
I wrote another poem in limerick form in celebration of the finale of season 2 (albeit a much shorter one):

Duncan won the game
He put Beth to shame
Although it's sad
And the votes were bad
He'll have eternal fame

Hahaha, thought that one up on the spot XD

CourtneyOutside,GwenandDuncanInside said...

Im exstatic that Duncan won!!

Jade K. said...

I find it funny how EVERYONE thinks Duncan winning is the main one. How do we not know that the Beth ending is not the main/storyline one and the Duncan ending is the alternate?

I believe that the Duncan ending is the alternate one since he's in TDM. It wouldn't be fair if he competed and already had 1mil and I doubt Duncan would give up his money or go on the show again if he had 1 million. Plus Beth isn't in TDM.

Beth's ending seemed more likely than Duncan's though.

Though if Lashawna [Passed Out], Lindsay ['Lost' her voting paper], and Trent [Passed Out] voted Beth would have won pretty much hands down.

I did think Izzy was somehow going to try to win. XD I thought when Chris was announcing the winner Izzy would yell out her name or something.

And is Chris really bald or was that one of those spoofs? You've had some things in "That's going to leave a mark" that were impossible but happened [Logo falling and crushing Harold]. If Chris is bald why would be need hair gel?

I'll shut up now XD

Anonymous said...

Worst. Final. Two. Ever.

Katt said...

Still shocked that Duncan won in the USA. Gwen should've won. Really. Trent should get hit in the Gems. Harold should bet hit there too.

Jake said...

I agree with Jade. When I saw the Beth ending, I thought it was better then the Duncan ending. Beth actually recieves the million in her ending while Duncan just walks off with Courtney. and i'm pretty P.O'd with Courtney. She comes onto the show midway in, is a big stupid brat. is elimated in 4TH PLACE. 4TH?! And she brakes up with Duncan for voting her off. Then when Duncan wins, she thinks that she can get right back together with him to take half his money. When will that juvinile ever learn? :l

Anonymous said...

You should have more of Billy.

That is all. :D

Katt said...

The official winner was Chuck Norris.

Baylee said...

is there goig to be a TDA special like there was 4 TDI??

Anonymous said...

I'm not suprised Duncan won. I thought Beth would win but when they said we were voting for the winner I knew it would be Duncan. Putting the most popular charactar on the show vs the one of the least liked against eachother for a vote. I like the idea of them being the final two because I did not expect it to be them, but seriously? Putting a vote beetween a very populer character and a not popular character? Bad idea. Beth definetly should have won. Duncan is one of my favorie charastars on the show, but I think it should have been Beth. She is the nice person who deserves to win. Duncan was on the show way to much. He was in every episode of both seasons.

Overall I liked the season except the winner. I was also wondering like some other people here, will there be a special episode that leads to TDM? Also can you give us some more info on TDM? Me and probably every other Total Drama fan wants to know which charactars are making it in. Please post more info soon.

Anonymous said...

JADE K!!! :hug:

THANK YOU for saying what people are afraid or unwilling to say!!!!

Here's another thing...BETH in HER ending has the MILLION DOLLAR BRIEFCASE and Duncan doesn't. :D

I can't wait for the follow up special..there is a TDDDA right?


I heard Duncan replaced him!!!!


FIX IT!! PUT ZEKE ON 3! Put him on the Flier and MAKE HIM LAST A LONG TIME!!!!!

You guys OWE it to this fan favorite NEGLECTED CHARACTER!


littlemisscrazy said...

I can't wait for season 3! I've seen the preview, and it looks like it's going to be the best season ever! We're all stoked to see it premiere!

Anonymous said...

There is a called a thing called favorisim

It's called D+C

If she does not get his way
And he does not win the day..

Then Courtney shall be calling her LAWYER!!!!!

And Peace for the others shall never be!

Ha! Courtney cried!
Beth your victory has been denied!
My lawyers have insured it!

My Million
Not Yours
The CIT's VICTORY has been Assured!

Oh! Did Dunky actually win? Hmmm...Nope!

Cause in the end what Courtney wants Courtney gets!

C is for Conniving!
O is for Outrageous!
U is for Unbearable!
T is for TEMPER!
N is for NEED!
E is for EVIL!
and Y is for LAWYER!

Courtney Courtney!
Always getting her way!
As long as SHE is in charge
Her enemies will never stay!

Timid Zeke
Misunderstood Eva
Kind Katie
Heart of Gold Tyler
Sensitive Sadie

They've all fallen to her climb.

Jolly Owen
Gwen eyed Cody
Gentle DJ
and Tyler again

Almost lost their lives indeed.
Balloon of Death
Balloon of Greed.

Even Duncan too...

Abandoned on the beach
and when he wins it all
HER million is now in easy reach!

Cunning Harold took her down
and did what had to be done.

Karma came in lamppost form but still the story is not done.

He saved people from drowning
She sued her way onto the show
Lovelorn he tried to woo LeShawna
She took love and hate by force

Perks or Redemption?

Selfishness or Selflessness?

The message is very clear...

When underdog vs. popular...

Beth never had a chance.

I pray the Special shall be different
And Beth shall have her day
And most importantly of all
Ezekiel shall not fall
And the underdogs will finally get their due...

But only if the CIT
Is not allowed to SUE.

Underdog Redemption, Romance and Respect.

Katt said...

Yeah, is CN even gonna show TDM? It seems to me that they are relying more on Johnny Test, Star Wars, the "Better"(Worse)Pokemon, and will eventully totally drop Total Drama Island/Action/Musical.

Wondering said...

Hey, I'm glad that Duncan won and all, but when is the TDI merchandise coming out?

Anonymous said...

What, no "Happy Holidays!" post or something of the sort?

Anonymous said...

The fan vote announcement took away all the suspense, because everyone knows that Duncan is one of the fan favorites and Beth isn't.

Anonymous said...

It was awesome when Explosivo voted for herself. It was kind of weird becuase before the last ep, I said she was going to win. I also have a qeustion about season 3:

When will it premiere?
Who will be in it?

Anonymous said...

Charming idea

Sammy said...

next is Total Drama Musicle

Anonymous said...

R we ever gonna get any new info on TDM?

Anonymous said...

Time for redemption
Time for the truth

Who is the real ending?
The Punk or the Wannabee?

Money shown in one
A makeout in the other
Which was is real
and which is another?

The one with the money DUH!

So why did you let this madness surge forth?
This onesided vote has gone to far

In this world
the underdogs fall
And the populars say who cares?!

But in animation you have the power
To change the grivious oversight
Why must it all continue
When you producers have the will to fight?

Characters 22 you have created
All loved to varying degrees
Now most are discarded
Broken on the floor
Under the wave of D+C
Forgotten Nevermore.

Someday the underdogs will rise up
And demand their voices to be heard
Is it really absurd to listen?

Tyler's fans are quiet yet slow
Fans of him you'll never truly know

Noah and Cody
Opposing peas in a pod
Though fangirls obsessed
All love their hot bods

Eva is a danger
Tough and unapproachable
But in brief moments of emotion
Is it really a mask?

Ezekiel oh Ezekiel
Misunderstood by all
How can a Homeschooler
Who's never been to public school
Know the golden rules?

Katie and Sadie
The eternal twins
You've seen them fight
And seen them win
But still I wonder
If they were torn asunder
How different would they truly be?

For three we will get answers
Another is unassured
but for the other three left
Will there ever be a happy ever after?

And as I have wondered many times before...

Is Ezekiel on Season 3 or not?!

Underdog Redemption, Romance and Respect.

TDA foreverrr!!! said...


After reading all the comments before me, I'm soo annoyed!

Why complain about so much D+C time when G+T and Owen were the main focus of TDI??? I mean really people.

Courtney really isn't a bad character! And if all you want to do is complain about her, maybe you shouldn't even watch the show.

And Ezekiel??? Wow. He was on for two minutes. You don't even know that he was awesome.

People, quit complaining. I love TDI/TDA. So take it or leave it!!

Wipeout Whale said...

Luz, Drama, Acción - Cartoon Network LA

Luzes, Drama, Ação! - Cartoon Network BR

7 February 2010

#1TDifan said...

When will TDM start for TELETOON PLZ TELL ME!

Haroldfan 26 said...

Yeah, you go, Anonymous (the really long post)! Speak your mind! Harold deserved it and Zeke deserves season three!

I also appreciated the little poetic bursts :)

Jade K./Celestial-Jadewolf said...


I think Cartoon Network may want to keep it more like a surprise. Besides they're already airing another new show soon so they may show a teaser after they air the premiere of this lame looking new show.
It reminds me of the randomness of the anime Bobobo and the adventure idea of Flapjack.
Cartoon Network has too many lame shows. They need to air more Teen Titans, Ben 10 Alien Force, Star Wars, Total Drama, and all the other good stuff. So far there two lamest shows are League of Super Evil and The Superhero Squad. And personally I hate like all Marvel super heroes except the Fantastic Four, Spiderman, and some X-Men. But I love DC Comics.

And if they stopped airing the Total Drama series... Well they'd be idiots. CN's brain would be in the toilet if they did that.

I do like Courtney but in Duncan's ending I wanted to pick up my tv and throw it out the window. It was like RLY? RLY RLY RLY? I hope she like... gets smacked a lot in TDM XD

I think Izzy still should have won XD Or ran off with the money and we could of had a THIRD part to the episode. XD

Katt said...

Eh, I need a new Episode. Can you post Screen Grabs from Season one, or have a Fan Art Contest, or post Youtube Poops? Anything?

Anonymous said...

Can you guys please update and give us some information about Season 3? We are all very anxious and curious!!! Please, please, please. Thanks a lot's. :D

TDI Freak said...

I LOVE the Total Drama Series!!! I hope you guys keep posting, because I REALLY want behind the sences or just something =] I agree wit the comment above - please answer the two questions. Total Drama Island/Action FOREVER :]

JAM said...

Hi, um, can you please get a picture of Izzy in her pajamas? Like in the screen grab from episode 29: "Riot on Set":

TDIshewolf said...

My favorite part of the finale (I bought it on iTunes and I watch it everyday!) was the Izzy and Dj "dj" mix up. That was so funny! Keep up the good work guys! :D

Anonymous said...

For TDM, I'm on Team Noah (definetly), Team Explosivo/Escope/Izzy, Team Gwen, and Team Heather.

I DESPISE DUNCAN! I HOPE HES DA FIRST VOTED OFF!!!! Grrr he's back w/ courtney: definate thumbs down, and srsly! i DESPISE HIM!!! *for a bigger reason than you all think*

Anonymous said...

hey dude! so awesoem thta duncan won! i gotta download the finale onto mu ipod. keep on blogging man! and oh yeah! can u give us a little background on tdm? please!? thanks dude, u rock my socks. tdi/tda/tdm forever!!! :D :D

Anonymous said...

*bounce* Beth won on On Demand
She also won on ITUNES.

More then likely that's the REAL ENDING TO TDA!

Which makes me like it so much better. Now I like the first 12 beloved CIT free episodes AND Lindsay and her jet AND the ending since Beth won and is the REAL WINNER!

Now hurry up and correct it! And I want to see all 17 people on TDM! Except Sierra I hate her already.

Ezekiel is cute though. I wanna wear the touqe! Cutie Zeke! :D

Anonymous said...

The ending is kind of depressing now that I think about it. Courtney, who has acted greedy, selfish, and threatened to kill four guys over the money, still gets some in the end? Doesn't really seem fair at all.

I actually like the alternate ending better if only because it serves as better foreshadowing to the next season. Now I have to wonder why Duncan will be competing in Season 3 if he's already won. I guess we'll find out sooner or later (hopefully sooner).

Anonymous said...

I didn't really like this season's finale very much. TDI's ending did it better, in my opinion. Here, it seemed kind of random, with everything moving too fast.

The winner's no suprise, Brady being real is no suprise, nothing is a suprise. Oh well, here's to hoping season 3 is better.

Anonymous said...

Originally Posted by HeartlessSlayer
Apparently some are saying that Beth's is the true one, um...then how come we saw Duncan's version on TV?

The creators wanted Beth to win, so they created that ending first, but they later decided to let the viewers vote, so they later created a Duncan ending (or something like that, but it's been confirmed by people at the show that the Beth ending is the "true" one because they wanted her to win). And, of course, Duncan won the vote, so that's why the Duncan ending on TV.

Anonymous said...

looked over what the creators said and looked at the endings again and it does make sense. But there's one thing I don't get, if the Beth one is the true one they wanted to air, but then why did they let the viewers decide and air the Duncan one? To me its like a paradox or something, to air the popular vote while the other is the actual true one, just makes it confusing X_X. So I hope they got a good explanation for that.

Zeke Watcher said...

EZEKIEL Hey guys! Wanna know what I noticed on that really bad flier on the cake site?

If you super enlarge the picute on the second page the one with all the happy people falling?

See the plane picture? Enlarge it and use your mouse to move the page!

Notice something?! Besides the Harold and CIT winning line.

17 people INCLUDING Zeke are in the lineup!

Man is this confusing!

Put Zeke in and be done with it!!!

THANK YOU! Thank you for finally noticing that! I had noticed that ahead of time, too, and I'm just praying that more and more people, like you, will be acknowledging it sooner! The ONLY reason that people are even suggesting that Zeke won't be in the season is because "he doesn't appear in the precious little flipbook." But he DOES appear in the flipbook! Ha! Take that, you Zeke skeptics! I just hope that one of the admins, or whoever is in charge of editing this page, will take that into consideration, and at least put a note on the page that Zeke could also be competing. --Fedora Kid 22:19, December 30, 2009 (UTC)

Anonymous said...

OMG I think that that pic of Izzy and Zeke was of them returning since Izzy is competing and she has a pattern of coming back thats her and Zeke could be entering the game plus they are the only two in the pic and they are getting off of a bus

Anonymous said...

Actually according to Northerncrowe on (who actually works at Teletoon), Beth was originally supposed to b the intended winner. Although Beth not being in TDM was the only big reason, another was because since Owen won last year (or two years ago depending if ur in Canada) a girl would win this season to balance it out.

Anonymous said...

Gwen and Cody would be perfect for season 3, especially with Trent not in it this time. I also think that Ezekiel and Izzy would be nice, judging from that one hilarious shot in the trailer. Tyler and Izzy would also be cool. But of course, seeing Heather, Gwen, and Courtney all on the same team would be just perfect; three of the most hated girls in the series, all of whom are strong competitors (or at least Heather and Gwen are; Courtney cheats her way into everything).

Smart as an Ezekiel said...

We are all confused on if Ezekiel will be coming this season. He was shown in the trailer but not in the flip pages. The flip pages has been truthful on several occasions (such as Ocean's Eight-or Nine). But it has lied to us too which caused many confusion. Does everyone rememeber the big confusion with the final two of Total Drama Action? When it was changed from Duncan and Beth to Harold and Courtney? That caused a lot of confusions. But then again- they did tell the truth at first. They were probably just avoiding a lawsuit (as Freehugs said). Back to Ezekiel not being in the flip pages- it is possible that they just forgot him or that they wanted to get people talking about the upcoming show. I now think that he will be in TDTM. A lot of people were mad when he didn't make it into Total Drama Action, so it would be the smart thing for the creators of the Total Drama series to do.

Haroldfan 26 said...

To Anonymous...
Y is for lawyer

DuncanFan said...

Duncan won. Heres my song about him:

Duncan won, hooray, woohoo!
But Beth was in the final too
Duncan deserved it. he's our man
He can do it no one can
He may be a Rebel,
But what can we do?
Nothing, don't replace him with a new....
Bad boy

We love you Duncan