Thursday, November 26, 2009


Hey guys!
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Total Drama Action's "Get Wrapped in the Drama" Promotion Builds Excitement for Finale
Holiday Shoppers Invited to Visit Free Gift Wrap Stations at Local Malls Nov. 28 and 29
Cartoon Network is wrapping up the drama as Total Drama Action nears its finale, an epic battle between naughty and nice, on Thursday, Dec. 3 at 9 p.m. (ET, PT). To celebrate, Cartoon Network invites mall shoppers to put a little drama in their holiday season with free Total Drama Action gift wrap at malls in six regional markets Nov. 28 and 29. Guests will also be given limited-edition buttons and temporary tattoos to take home, as well as Total Drama Action-branded microwave popcorn to enjoy during the finale.
The stations will be available at the Brea Mall (Los Angeles area), Gurnee Mills (Chicago area), Potomac Mills (Washington DC area), the Mall of Georgia (Atlanta area), Tyrone Square (Tampa area) and the Houston Galleria. Gift wrap will be offered during regular mall hours both Saturday and Sunday.
Any fans in those areas who see this, please take some pictures of the gift wrap etc and send it to us at


Haroldfan 26 said...

Oh my gosh, am I the first comment?
I haven't posted in a while...
I was REALLY depressed when Harold got kicked off, and even more horrified that Duncan made it to the final two...also horrified that he is coming back for Total Drama the Musical...
But my second favorite made it to the final two, and she is gonna WIN it!
Thorny, I think my mom's going to the Mall of Georgia for Black Friday tomorrow (we live, like, ten minutes from it). I'll ask her to look for TDA...
I looked at Cake Entertainment's digital flier for TDM and it says Courtney and Harold were the final two for TDA.
No such luck.

RoRo said...

hey when are you going to add more screencaps? just curious, sorry for bugging you

CRRRAZY Sam said...

Gurnee Mills, thats where i shop! ZOMG!!!! I WOULD LUV TO HELP YOU GUYS!!!! i gotta email brandon this.

Anonymous said...

Wow TDA was a predictable season.

It looks like the producers are trying to have Duncan and Gwen hook up by turning Courtney and Trent into less likable characters. *yawn*

If that doesn't happen then the season isn't (as) predictable.

If it does then I hope TDM is full of surprises.

Katt said...

I don't live near ANY of those stores, and I seriously doubt that Dad would drive me like, 2 hours for wrapping paper.

Paola said...

To bad I dont live in any of dos states...not even on the US.I live in Puerto Rico!

Caylin said...

I live 2 hours away from Washington D.C and my Mom said I couldn't go ><

Because she said it was a waste of a trip.

OH COME ON! I be sad.

Haroldfan 26 said...

Thorny, would you clarify who the lucky ones are coming to TDTM?
There is a lot of confusion just about how MANY!

In the original trailer, the fifteen were Owen, Bridgette, DJ, Courtney, Heather, Leshawna, Harold, Izzy, Lindsay, Noah, Ezekiel, Tyler, Gwen, Trent, Cody, Sierra, and Alejandro.

But in the digital flyer, Ezekiel was not listed; however, Duncan was.

And is Eva coming? She was shown in a brief clip of the original trailer (like Duncan) but not in the big circle.

Could you clarify?

P.S. we never got the actual rotations for Chris or Katie.

Hank Lewis said...

I live in Houston and I will head there TOMORROW AM!!!

courtneyfan4ever said...

holy crap. im on vacation in atlanta and we had planned to go to the mall of georgia tomorrw (saturday) ill try to post pics. thanks for the info

SamyIzzy said...

:DDDD Happyness fills meh! To Tyrone Square I go..just gotta ask my mom to drive. :P


Anonymous said...

aw man none for NY

Hank Lewis said...

My son and I went there this AM, got some gift wrap, buttons, popcorn bags and A BUNCH of pictures and EMailed them in a while ago. The staff there was VERY NICE!!!

#1TDiFan said...

:( Another reason why i should go in my closet and hide.
Why does US get everything!
I wish TELETOON did something like tht cuz it's not fair :( and Cartoon Network even got to see most of TDA 1st which isn't so awesome :( if they air TDM before TELETOON then i will yell.
I'll e-mail TELETOON to do something like tht in Mississauga.

Alex W said...

I went there and it was so cool. I'll send pics soon!

CourtneyOutside,GwenandDuncanInside said...

im SOO SAD!!!!