Monday, September 28, 2009

Hallowe'en Contest .... UPDATE

It's almost that time of year again. We had so much fun looking at the costumes from last year that we thought we'd have another contest. This time we'd like to add a pumpkin carving contest to it too!
So carve a pumpkin or dress up as your favourite TDI/TDA character and send the pics to
Be sure to write HALLOWEEN as the subject so that we don't miss it and be sure to include your parents' permission if you want the pic of you to appear on the blog.
This is the only way to submit photos to the contest -- don't upload them to photobucket, or flixter or anything else -- just email them to us.
We don't know what we'll do for prizes -- but we'll send something for the best costume and also the best pumpkin. The deadline will be the friday after Hallowe'en -- that'll give you guys enough time to submit pics from Hallowe'en parties or trick-or-treating. We'll announce the winner on Nov 9th.
Stay tuned to find out what we have for prizes -- we don't have much -- it might actually be stale candy from last Hallowe'en.
Get to it!


tofsilver said...

This is gonna be sweet! Will you guys do anything for Halloween?

Anonymous said...

oh em gee!!!!!! can't wait!!!!!! i didn't know about this blog last october, so i didn't get a chance to enter. i am totally making a pumpkin out of either duncan or chris

Anonymous said...

I am hoping my parents will let me I make an awesome Trent.

courtneys#1fan said...

Kool ill have my mom take a picture of me and my courtney costume!

Ron said...

i should try and do one of Lindsay!

TDI1FAN said...

im gonna b gwen! i already have pics!! omg!! cant wait!

Apples928 said...

I don't know about dressing up for Halloween as a TV character. I like to make my own mask. Oh, and save some candy for the apples. They love to eat candy.

Madiyasha said...

HAHA~! YES~ Madi's epic Gwen cosplay is back in action... and this year I've got some friends helping me...

Anonymous said...

yay! this year i'm gonna try and be gwen or courtney, i wish i could do lindsay but i'd probably look horrible with blond hair....

Anonymous said...

Cool! I would totally do one except I don't look likw any of the TDI campers and I can't carve pumpkins... Oh well, I love to look at the entries!

Kendra M said...

How can you announce the winners on November 2nd when the deadline is the Friday after Halloween? :|

Camille said...

so awesome!
ill try to do it ><

jigglylily said...

im dresiing up like heather!
shes my fav!
were both totaly evil >:3

Anonymous said...

Aww, I can't carve pumpkins well and none of the characters look like me. Good luck to everyone who enters!

liza said...

why in israel there isnt haloween??? :(
i realy look like courtney(except i have green eyes no brown),but ill try to enter the contest sence my parent agree...

Sam said...

WOOT!!!! I HAVE M,Y TRENT COSTUME READY AND IM UPLODING IT NOW! im doing the pumpkin right now

Anonymous said...

Expect an Izzy! :)
I'm making the costume! I can't wait!

Kristin S said...

Oh my gosh! X3 I'm so excited! I was so upset when I missed the deadline last year. I'm probably going to dress as Bridgette since I look most like her. P: I also may consider entering that pumpkin carving contest.

Anonymous said...

(lolz i have to ask her too if she wants to do it she'll probably say yes BUT EEEEEEEE!!!!)

~#1 TDiFan

Floor-chan said...

hmm...maybe try for Courtney... except im going to have to wear a wig because half of my hair is dyed blue xD; we have the same skin color :D but i would have to lightly dot my face with freckles... thats about it although the shoes would be a slight issue too. oh well ill try my best! :D

Nalyd Renrut said...

If my parents agree, I'll sign up as Ezekiel. (However, I will be wearing the sunglasses and big gold Z.) Ezekiel really confused me in "Haut Camp-ture." It seems like he's gone gangster (but he isn't in TDDDDI) and that he likes Bridgette.

Anonymous said...

I'm going as Izzy! I hope it doesn't matter what if you are a different species because I want to dress my dog as Owen.

Anonymous said...

How do we include our parent's permission?

The Lightning Knight said...

I could proably pose as Cody. Or Harold. Except, I'm not a redhead.

Kendra M said...

For those of us over the age of consent (I.E. those of us who are like, 20, and still enjoy this show. XD), we don't need to attach parental consent, eh?

Anonymous said...

maybe the prize should be the gilded chris you guys got!

Anonymous said...

How do you prove you have your parents permission on the internet? XD

LilahTheGothWannabe said...

I'm so trying Gwen this year. Though I am sorta young xD Who cares. I lurve Gwen. Though I would probably only do the character. I suck at pumpkins .__.

Anonymous said...

Have you guys thought about coming out with gilded chrises like in the show. you know, chocolate wrapped in tin foil. that would be a great idea for halloween

Anonymous said...

I loved Courtney's costume in Super Hero-Id! I would do her costume if I had the money, skills, or even looked liked her.

Anonymous said...

I saw a trailer for Total Drama the Musical on youtube! Did you create the girl character to represent the Cody fanbase? Is the new guy hotter than Justin? Cody is still my fav! I am a girl if you want to survey.

Anonymous said...

Hey Guys The Trailer For Total Drama The Musical Has Been Put Online!

Check It Out Here At:

Anonymous said...

hi guys!!! wooow thath awesome XD... im gonna enjoy seen those pictures, by the way i've just seen a horrible video :S. You don´t have to make public this comment i just want yo to know that i saw the preview of TD the musical and there ar 2 important characters missing :( duncan and trent!!!! what is that????!!!! i know that some things must be change but they missing? :(... i think i wont like this season... anyway. Im sad not angrey... take care :)... :'(

Zeke for Season 3!!! said...

Too cool! I hope someone dresses up as Cutie EZEKIEL this time! :D

Me and pumpkins...hmmm...could be fun. Too old to win any prize, but a Zeke pumpkin could be fun...

Hey Thorny!!! Today we in the USA get to know if Chicago gets the 2016 OLYMPICS!!! Wish us luck! :D

And EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! Zeke on 3!!! Yay!!! Somehow the Zeke fanbase has finally been noticed!!!! :D

I hope all those lack of screen group shots does NOT mean Zeke gets voted off early right? :(

I sooo want him to stay for a SUPER SUPER SUPER long time this time!!!!

And I want to see him speak the different languages!!! EEEEEEEEEEE!!!

Zeke on 3! Zeke is on 3!!!!

Mary said...

I want stale candy! I do! I do! I was thinking either Izzy or Courtney but now I'm not so sure. Courtney's not much of a stretch at all for me and Izzy's going to be like making over Courtney to look like Izzy. Maybe just the pumkin thing. I never tried it either but it can't be that hard. Should be fun.

Anonymous said...

OMG!!! I just saw the tdm trailer and Zeke is in there EEEEEEEEE!!! But...I don't see him in the group shots! Oh no...TELL ME YOU ARE NOT GOING TO KICK ZEKE OFF IN THE FIRST EP AGAIN!!!!


Cloey said...

Can someone please tell me how to include parental permission? I'd be really grateful because I'm so excited.

Anonymous said...

OMG I just saw the Total Drama the Musical trailer on the Cake Entertainment website and it had me jumping for joy!!! It looks like the new girl is another Izzy and the new guy is the new Justin. Please tell me Duncan's it, he just has to, PLZZZ!!!

CourtneyFan said...

I'm totally going to try for Courtney! Maybe I'll even cut my hair to look more like her because I needed a hair cut anyway... But how are we supposed to attach parental consent? And are we allowed to do doubles? Because my friend would totally be Bridgette :D

Anonymous said...

where can we get tdi shirts

Danielle said...

AWSOME! Does it include Australia please include Australia! Please Please Please! I will enter anyway. But none of the characters look like me and well we dont celebrate Halloween in Australia. Could I sent a pic of something else? I love making things so I will see what I can do. Can we send other things to this email address? Like questions? Please please please! I need info! Australia does not have any info on TDI and TDA etc. Also how do we put in our parents permision? Oh well...

I really hope you can answer some of these questions on the blog for me and others who would like to know.


amojruleiscool said...

Haha yeah! I love carving pumpkins! >:D This is gonna be awesome, I'm really psyched to see all the other entries too!

Anonymous said...

Seriously, How do you put your parents permission? I don't even get how thats possible on the internet..

Bridgette said...

I have no camera but I changed my name from gwen and Anna

Zeke for Season 3!!! said...


You guys have relly upset the biggest Ezekiel fans EVER with the Total Drama Musical Trailer.

The whole Zeke fanart and fanfics community has gone from Delighted Glee to being absolutely HORRIFIED.

We've seen the big group shots at the end that has CIT in ABUNDANCE, but NO ZEKE! :(

Ezekiel is in only THREE clips and NONE of the group numbers and in the elimination ceremony WITHOUT the peanut bag.

All of us are caught between a mixture of Anger and Fear that you will have EZEKIEL voted off FIRST AGAIN!

And that goes for SECOND, THIRD, and all the way to 10th too!

We see everyone singing and dancing, but NO EZEKIEL!

And EZEKIEL is the reason MOST of us started writing fanfics and fanarts trying to SHOW everyone that he's actually one of the COOLEST characters you could have EVER come up with IF people took the time to flesh out his character!

We've read that he cooks! We thought he would be in TDA! But nope...running joke...DJ cooks.

We thought TDM! Around the world he KNOWS 8 languages! HE HAS TO STAY IN THIS ONE for a LONG time!

But it looks like all our efforts were a big old joke.

Maybe we are just BEYOND overacting but at the moment we feel betrayed...

Each time we see Zeke he lasts about 5mins and under. He speaks totally about a quarter of Courtney's CIT rant, He doesn't speak in TDA...

He seems to be a running joke in TDA...It seems that he will be a running joke in TDM...

We're sick of it. Why can't WE have our IDOL our MUSE appear for a decent amount of time?

It's turned into the Courtney show and we're getting sick of it.

For most of the Zeke fans Zeke is our muse! We write the stories and fanart...they get BURIED under a wall of D+C... :(

But we drag ourselves out and try try again...and one of the EZEKIEL fans has the most read TOTAL DRAMA ISLAND STORIES EVER on Fanfiction dot net.

The Kobold Necromancer can truly boast he has over 1515 reviews and probably DOUBLE that in hits in his Zeke redemption story. In his second he's at 465.

Today October 3rd is his Birthday and he just saw the TDM musical trailer.

We can't understand WHY you guys just don't seem to like the only guy who has the Canada accent...we LOVE the accent! (and heavily dislike CIT)

Anyway I know you can't show any TDM clips besides the trailer BUT could you at least post a few images of Ezekiel?

For Kobold Necromancer and all the Fans of Ezekiel! We don't want our Beloved Homeschooler forgotten.

Anonymous said...

Oh no Oh no Oh no!!!

You so super upset the biggest Zeke fan EVER!

And on his B-Day!! :( Here's what he said. :(

I'm sure most of you are well aware of Total Drama Musical's preview being released

I was told about this trailer by a good friend of mine. I watched it, highly excited because he was excited.

Like many people, I was desperate to see who would be in the cast of Total Drama Musical, who the two rumored new characters would be. And so, I watched it anxiously, and lo and behold, EZEKIEL is in the cast. I was so excited and happy, I watched with full attention, catching every detail. More and more awesome things appeared: Izzy glomping Ezekiel,Cody, Noah and Tyler rejoining the cast.

I desperately pay attention to the trailer, it comes to a close without another glimpse of the toque-wearing teen. And thus I shout in all kinds of fury:


This warrants bold, italics, and underline for me. I am not an angry person.

This has made me mad. Ezekiel is my muse for Total Drama. He is THE reason I started writing Total Drama fanfiction. I created Total Drama Comeback because I wanted to give Home School another chance, and created my own season. I saw him go from throw-away character on Fanfiction Net to a fan favorite there and here as time has gone by.
The fact that Bridgekiel, Ezzy, and him with Heather exist solely because his fans have been trying to develop him; heck, I started writing TDC to stop people from ignoring him or just regarding him as a stupid little sexist.

I wouldn't have even started up writing again and working on my own original stories if I hadn't started Total Drama fanfiction.

And they are kicking him off the third season so fast, they don't even keep him for the second half of the TRAILER! He's gone before the show has even officially started! It's a kind of irony that makes me wanna lose it.

Everything Ezekiel is in looks like it would be first/second episode. He's never grouped up with anyone, and He doesn't even appear in the final line-up at the very end where everyone is skydiving in a circle around Owen.

My only hope is that this trailer is beta, that it isn't the full thing. After all, Duncan is barely in it, only appearing twice (once in the first and very long line-up, second going down a pyramid with Courtney and Gwen literally in tow). Is Duncan going first or second? To tell the truth, I don't care, there's been an ample amount of Duncan in both seasons, he's had his share of the limelight. And I doubt they'll do their third season without keeping him in some way.

Think I'm overreacting? Maybe, but this is almost a final straw to me. I don't care if Ezekiel is host of the Total Drama Musical Aftermath, I don't care if he's first, second, or third to go. I want him in longer than just the first few bloody episodes, because that's what drives most of his fans insane: he was on the show for two episodes. Without Ezekiel, I wouldn't be where I am now. If he's kicked off too early in TDM, I'm not watching it. I guess the real reason I'm bitter is because this season has everything I wanted, even Bridgette without Geoff and Ezekiel there, and it looks like he's getting the boot before the musical truly starts.

The creators dangled my muse in front of me when starting that trailer, my reason for Total Drama Comeback and beyond, and they're yanking him away with a Chris Maclean laugh. I could have taken him not being a character in the next season without that much of a problem, but to do it with Maclean sadism? "Haha, you got voted off first again." That's a slap in the face I won't forgive; I might even go on hiatus if they do this with Ezekiel.

Could you umm..maybe post some pictures of cutey Zekey here? I know you can't do TDM but maybe some images?

Every Ezekiel fan is getting like in a crazy uproar over the trailer.

Specially for Kobold Necromancer? It's his birthday, he's the super nicest person and he deserves it.

Pretty please can you put up some pictures of our Zeke?

Haroldfan 26 said...

Thorny! I was at a store today and -- it was the craziest thing --Next door was a shop called "Izzy's maternity", and next to that was a shop called "Harold's"! I wanted to burst out laughing! You don't have Katie Crown or Brian Froud working in Alpharetta, Georgia, do you...? ;)
Oh, coincidentally, those are my two favorite characters! :)

You might also be happy to know that I've arranged the TDI theme song! I don't have the sheet music, because I can't figure out how to upload it onto the computer... (I've been playing piano for a while, and am pretty awesome, without trying to sound arrogant...) I'm also arranging it as a duet, so my younger sister and I can play it together!

God, I am a dedicated fan!

To Nalyd Renrut...
You mentioned a while ago that you run a TDI fansite. Is the website Total Drama Island Wikia? That is an awesome TDI website, especially for obsessed high-school guys like me! If so, where can I get to the Q&A with Thorny, if it is there? I can't seem to find it...

TDI and A forever!!!

Anonymous said...

Guess what!!! :O Total drama the musicals trailer is on Youtube :O
And it's not fake

But I think the 2 new characters don't fit very well.

Anonymous said...

I saw that picture of tdi camp in 6teen :D In the Art gallery hehe :D
I just saw the total drama musical trailer :O It got leaked!

Katt said...

'Daww... I look like no one, and I SUCK at carving.
Wait... Do we have to use REAL pumpkins, or FAKE ones?

Anonymous said...


TDACourtney said...

OMG!!!! I am so dressing up as Courtney!! I'm so excited because last year I forgot about it. How should we provide parental consent though? Thanks so much! :D

courtneyfan4ever said...

im going as Gwen. hehe.

TDAChrislover said...

Oh! I want to dress up like Chris so bad!! I may be a girl but I'll try! I wasn't sure if I wanted to dress up like Chris or carve a pumpkin...but truth is...I don't know how to carve a pumpkin..heh..But yeah I'm one of the most BIGGEST Chris fan you will probably meet...(probably) YAY stale candy!! haha!

Anonymous said...

Whoa, Cool It Zeke Fans Just Because He Is'nt Seen In The Trailer That Munch Means Doesn't He's Going To Get Voted Off First Again. So Far Only Things We Know Are...

1.They Are Traveling On a Plane.

2.The Two New Contestants Names Are Alejandro And Kathie.

3. "Alejandro Is Evil???" (That Line Is Stuck In My Head.)

4.There Are Actually 17 Contestants.

5.Kathie Is A Cody Fangirl.

6.Trent,Justin And Eva Are Some How Involved With The Show Outside Of The Game.

7.Heather's Hair Has Started Growing Back.

8.The Contestants Are Forced To Sing And Dance.

9.There Has Been No Signs Of Beth,Geoff,And Kadie And Sadie.

And 10.We're In For A Funny Season.

Kalirus1234567 said...

Are we aloud to be any of the two new TDM characters??

Anonymous said...

Great idea Tom! I love Halloween and TDI/TDA, but to bad I can't join anyways. Heres a person who you can use as a intern. Tall,female,dark blond hair, and white clothing.

rockzsanders said...

I'm gonna be a FemEzekiel<3
Because I can.
I can be Beth, too, but not as good as a girlified Ezekiel 8D

Jackie said...

God, could the Zeke Fans just STFU for like five minutes?
For one, I am sick of all of you guys just going on about, "Zeke is an awesome guy! We LUV him! Zeke for 3! Yeah!"
If he is SOOOOOOO awesome, then how come he gets voted off "Right off of the bat?"
He obviously did something wrong (Again!) to get voted off. Awesome? I think NOT!
Two, Gwen is like SOOOOO much more awesome than "Ickle Li'lte Zeke". For one, she made it farther into the game. In the US she did not win, but there are alternate versions where she DID win. I think they are better, and not because I am a die hard GWEN fan!

kelsey spritecatcher said...

omg! i love the chris pumpkin! i wish i could make one ;(

Haroldfan 26 said...

Oh, my gosh. The mystery of the fifteen people in TDM is solved!
Harold (YESSS!)
Tyler (!)
Noah (!)
Courtney (GRR!)
Bridgette (Not Geoff!)
Plus, a new girl and a guy who seems to be like Justin

Yes! No Duncan!

Thorny, I know you're not actually directing season 3, but do you have a say on who comes back? What can I say? Harold got back! HAH!

Nalyd Renrut, I've read your file on TDI Wikia...
We share a common goal! :)

Mogus said...

Nice Goonies shoutout last episode, I don't think many people noticed t though, it was mostly before our time...

Haroldfan 26 said...

Total Drama the Musical!
What else can I say? It's gonna be SWEET!

THORNY! SPOILER ALERT! The final 4 for TDA has been published! Please tell me it's a lie, I HATE spoilers! (I got onto the website by accident)
Why do people have to do that? It's like giving someone a birthday present and telling them what's in it! >:(

Here's the link:


Grr! This is just like in Season One where I went to a fansite while it was premiering here in the USA, and right in big letters, it said:
Yeah, that was nice.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I see a couple of people already upset about the possibility that Ezekiel -could- be voted off too soon.

Right, well for anyone reading this please don't jump the gun so soon, folks. I mean Harold hardly showed up in the TDA trailer and didn't have that big of role in TDI, and now it's almost unanimous that he'll end up in the final two. If anything, we should see Ezekiel not showing up as a good sign, it might mean that he could be the season's "hero" so to speak.

I mean, think about it. It seems that the ones the writers want us to root for are the social outcasts.
Season 1 - Weird goth girl.
Season 2 - Odd uber dweeb
Season 3 - Awkward home-schooled guy....?
Who knows but I think the odds are in his favor due to the very fact that we hardly see him. Have faith, fellow Ezekiel fans.

...the only thing I'm worried about is his personality. Will they remember hints from season 1? Or will the pull a complete Justin and make him totally different.

I mean of course, he's going to have to be a lot more outspoken - but that's an improvement. You have no idea how happy it makes me that Harold, a character usually put aside, is up and in front in TDA. :>

As a side-note, the thought of Duncan - who got far in both seasons, being kicked off early fills me with glee. It's a bit sad that Trent couldn't be the one to come in without Gwen, poor guy never got any character development outside of her. All we know is that he likes his guitar and Gwen. That's why I think I'm probably one of the few who liked him suddenly going crazy, being a bit ADD was at least -something- he could call his own.
That, and I would personally prefer if Courtney was replaced by Eva...but or the most part I'm happy with the cast.

....just as long as the new characters/the ones who didn't make it to season 2 outlast the others. It really wouldn't be fair otherwise.

Oh wow, I just made an extra long out of topic comment.
Um...well the only character I could pull off is probably Katie...but there's no way I'm taking a picture of myself dressed up like that and having it posted up in the internet. Nooo way.

werelupes said...

Actually I don't think the TDM trailer got leaked... It's on the Cake website :|
I'm bugging my parents to get me a pumpkin but they keep saying we will but when i bring it up to remind them they go 'huh?' XD

Canadian-Gurl123 said...

Whooooo!! Dressed up as LeShawna and sent in my picture! Poor LeShawna get no love around here. Unfortunately we're not the same race but a white girl like me tried! XD (btw you you have to send the picture in through the link provided or do can you just send it through hotmail, because that's what I did)

Canadian-Gurl123 said...

And holy crap the Ezekiel fans are flipping! You guys do know that Thorny & Mark didn't direct or have any part of Total Drama, The Musical right? Personally I think Ezekiel was a one bit character, they needed someone to go first and it was him. There are 24 wonderful characters on this show, not to mention The two new comers plus the animals/wildlife, no need to start hating on the directors wonderful work. And why is everyone bashing on Courtney? She suppose to be super bossy and pushy, that's her character DUH!

Haroldfan 26 said...

Okay. I am officially opening a poll, and if anyone wants to answer, just post a comment with your vote.
A) What does everyone think of the final six? (Short answer/Free response)

B) Who would you like to see go home next? (Harold, Duncan, Courtney, Beth, Justin, or Lindsay)

C) Of all the booted campers (not the ones who didn't qualify for TDA, and excluding Geoff and Bridgette because they host the Aftermath) who would you like to see come back?

And, of course, D) Who would you like to see win the million bucks?

I love seeing everyone's opinion, even if they disagree with me.

Go Harold!

Haroldfan 26 said...

BTW I saw on my calendar that on Monday it was Thanksgiving in Canada. If this is true...
Happy Thanksgiving, Thorny! :)

Anonymous said... EZEKIEL???!!!

He is NOT anywhere on the cake entertainment flier! The Zeke fans want ZEKE!!! We don't CARE about obsessive fan, the new guy and especially NOT CIT!!!!


Anonymous said...

That new girl Sierra or Kathie or whatever is a joke, you guys are OBSESSED with Total Drama being called the Total Drama C+D lovenest

AND the have the Zeke fans FURIOUS because the cake preview thing FORGOT to put Ezekiel in there when he is CLEARLY in the trailer for Season 3!!!

Or is it just a ha ha! Jokes on you! Zeke will ALWAYS be a running joke?!!

We want ZEKE!!! Stop stalling and give the guy is due!!!!

The Zeke fans are speaking up!!!! We want Ezekiel and we will complain ENDLESSLY until he gets his CHANCE!!!!

Anonymous said...


You have sucessfully ended up slapping all fans of Ezekiel in the face with that thing on cake entertainment.

Apparently we're not good enough for our hero to be considered as anything more then just this clueless sexist that should be ground in the dirt.

Female Goth Noah said...

Ima go as the greatest girl Duncan EVER!

Anonymous said...

Thorny why are you guys obsessed with shooting down the hopes of Zeke fans?

First you bait us and anger us with the TDM trailer showing Ezekiel competes and then looks like is kicked off first AGAIN.

Now the flier comes out and says EZEKIEL WILL NOT COMPETE and DUNCAN will!

Why oh WHY do you guys hate Ezekiel?!!

I mean he's the ONLY one with the Canadian accent! And you can do SOOO MUCH with him!

You said he speaks different languages...Season 3 is PERFECT for him to PROVE IT!

Why do you hate him so?!

We Ezekiel fans are tired of being jerked it to the CIT! She actually DESERVES IT!

Ezekiel has MORE then made up for the boy vs girls CRIME aka said by other people but only Zeke is punished...


Stop FOCUSING on D+C so much and you will see that there actually is a LARGE fanbase for EZEKIEL!!!


Bridgette said...

I have no clothes that look like tdi characters and I stink at carving pumkins and don't want leftover candy sorry guys.Remember me the person that has no camera.

TDI1FAN said...

omg!i cant wait!....when r u posting new blogs......its been a while i cant go w/o my TDI chat

Anonymous said...

OMG Total Drama The Musical preview is out!!! I can't wait til it starts. Go Cody and Tyler!! I think you guys could have came up with a better theme for the new season but a musical will be ok. I would have made it a high school survival theme if I were you. The new characters look ok. I like Alejandro but Sierra seems weird and creepy. Can't wait to see the new season.

Anonymous said...

hey i saw the fairy tale one not cool making us think duncan got kicked off

sKetchdiva said...

OMG, I can't wait! I'll send you a pic of me in my Courtney costume as soon as I get it! You guys ROCK! PEACE

confuzzled said...

i dressed up my little brother as chris!!

Taylor9080 said...

i didnt see trent in that video...WAAAAH WAAAH WAAAH WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! D: WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY!!!!!!!!!! NO NO NO NO! D,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,: i basicly made a HUGE poster to post at school and trents not in it! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH

Anonymous said...

when is Courtney and Duncan going to Kiss!!!??? and i saw a preview of TDM and I saw Courtney as well as 2 new characters...the new girl might be crazyer than Izzy.......and Justin got some compitition with the new guy....but I DIDN'T SEE DUNCAN!!! he HAS to be in the next season!!! watching him and Courtney fight is so funny! Is Duncan going to sneek back in to the show in season 3??? that would be really cool! i would love to see some action like that!!!

Anonymous said...

O YAY!! I CAN'T WAIT! I Have my costume and I have a great jack-o-lantern idea!!

That would be aswome if the prize was a Princess Courtney doll:D

Apples928 said...


That's just the same guy. He is overposting the same rant. He is trying to get Courtney off the show, and he keeps spamming. I wish he can stop using the internet. I know the story.

Anonymous said...

LOl..the same two Zeke fan are bashing Cit. Dont get ur hopes up. Im sure hes still the samee

TDI_Lindsay_Lover03 said...

I cant wait I posted a picture of Lindsay for Halloween!

Anonymous said...

Why are you people SO obsessed with D+C?!?! It's old and worn out! They are apparently not together any more!!! In TDM, where the HECK is Ezekiel?!?! Where is he??? You are bringing two new characters in but not Zeke???? WHY? Why bring in new characters but not give Zeke HIS time to shine at all?!?! it IS a slap in the face for ALL Ezekiel fans! CIT and Duncan have overstayed their welcomes on this show and need to be put aside for atLEAST one season! You are bringing the other guys that got kicked off early in TDI back so WHY NOT HIM?!?! and no we are NOT overreacting because everyone else HAVE had there time to shine! and the CIT fans can lay off because Courtney has whined, cheated, and sued her way into TDA so why bring her back to TDM?! Its so STUPID! He speaks 8 languages and this is a perfect opportunity for him to get even MORE popularity than what he ALREADY has NOW! I thought the producers brought back fan FAVORITES not the people they want back that are WAY overused like Duncan and CIT and actually Izzy! We Zeke fans have tirelessly tried to bring him back and you drop a bombshell on us signalling that he might not even be there at all or that much?!?!

Anonymous said...

Ummm...actually no.

ALL fans of Zeke, Zekey, Ezekiel, touque boy, home-school, home-schooler, prarie boy are equally furious.

After a sucky season that started after ep 13 of TDA, the release of the TDM trailer and flier the Zeke fans have reached the breaking point.

And WE are now speaking up.

touque_girl 12

Samantha said...

*gasp* I was hoping that I would be the only one to enter as Lindsay.. Oh well... MINES THE BEST!! lol