Friday, August 28, 2009

Courtney's Audition Tape

Fans of last season (and those watching the new DVD) will have seen Courtney's audition tape.
But have you seen the CIT Princess' live action tape?
Here's our friend Courtney, who you may remember from our Hallowe'en costume challenge last fall, doing a shot for shot recreation of Courtney's season one audition.



Giuliana said...

Yay, you added one of the many videos CITPrincess did! I was wondering why haven't you done it yet. She's really nice, an awesome cosplayer and a very good TDI fanartist. Way to go, girl! ^_^

Duncan/Trent#1FanGirl said...

This Courtney cosplay is awesome. Better then anything. LUV IT!!

Melissa:) said...

Awesome! It was just like the actual audition tape!

Anonymous said...

pretty epic!

Haroldfan 26 said...

I wrote a poem about TDI:
So, listen, there is this show
That I think you ought to know
I will show you a little fraction
Of Total Drama Island and Action
With people like Chris, a sadistic host
And Chef Hatchet, only a sidekick at most
Owen’s a great big ball of joy
Duncan’s an irritable sort of boy
And Gwen, a quiet, nice Goth girl
Heather makes me want to hurl
Tyler’s cool but has no skill
Eva takes her anger pills
Izzy’s weird, so stay away!
(Owen tried. He didn’t last a day.)
Bridgette and Geoff took a different path
They run a show called “The Aftermath”
Harold’s geeky, with skills attached
His love for Leshawna is unmatched
Leshawna came far – she was proud
But she screams at Heather really loud
Now, let’s face it – Courtney’s bossy
But Duncan thinks she’s really saucy
DJ’s afraid and nice, but big
Beth is sweet but resembles a pig
Is Justin cool? Of course he is!
But being evil is his biz
Ezekiel’s homeschooled – this is true
He got booted first, so he was blue
Noah’s really, really smart
Trent used to be Gwen’s big sweetheart
Katie and Sadie are best friends
Right down to the very end
Cody has a crush on Gwen
Lindsay is real dumb, and then –
Well, that is all the time I’ll spare
Goodbye, for now, may well you fare!

Is it any good? Anyone? I'd appreciate your feedback...

Anonymous said...

she almost looks like courtney!
she even SOUNDS like courtney!

Total Drama Fan said...

I've seen this before. Her videos are pretty good. You guys should make a live action version of the first season and cast her as Courtney!! That would be awesome. It would be the best show EVA!!

Anonymous said...

That reminds me...will you ever make audition tapes for Owen or Gwen? if so, when can they air?

Kristin S said...

Amazing! Courtney is one of my favorite characters. xD This cosplayer did a wonderful job.

TDIFan247 said...

Oh God, I love you guys. SHE. IS. AMAZING.

Live action movie = Courtney = Her = Epic Win

Anonymous said...

GAH!!!! MY EYES!!!! I'm BLIND!!!!!

More CIT love...BLEH!

She didn't complete challenges! She lectured everyone!
She was a TERRIBLE leader
She almost sent 4 people to their deaths
And she left Duncan on the beach Injured!

Why did you pick HER over EZEKIEL?! Why why why?!!!!!!

I miss my Ezekiel!!!! Bring him back! Bring him back!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Aww!^^ That was so cute and sweet that I have cavities!!<3

Danielle said...

Wow thats so cool!
Its wonderful!

Danielle said...

Hello again I was wondering if you could post some information on TDI and TDA for viewers in Australia (I am Australian) because I visit this site all the time to see whats new.

Please post info for Australia as I am sure we would all want to know whats going on over in Canada etc.

If you do decide to post info for Australia could you post info like when TDA will air and when the dvd will come in Australia to. But if you cant answer these questions then oh well.

Also it would be cool to have another competition! But this time people could enter all around the world.(We could win the new merchandise thats coming out soon or win the dvd or win something else).

I understand if you cant post anything like this but it would be a great help to Autralia and yeah.

(P.S: Could you post how to contact you guys because we all want to know a couple of things about TDI,TDA and Total Drama, the Musical.)

Cya Please answer some things PLEASE

tofsilver said...

This video is the pure definition of awesomeness.

Contemperina said...

Oh my gosh, that's fantastic!! I wish I'd had that idea.

Anonymous said...

wow she's really good at imitating courtney, and i wanna know where she got her outfit, I LOVE IT!

Anonymous said...

OMG it was just like the audition tape! (i should know im #TDIfan)

Anonymous said...

Hahaha. Dat was gooood!(:

Ella and Izzy said...

lol she's really good must be a dedicated fan! if i had a camera i would be izzy live!

Mark said...

hey, speaking of auditions, did you guys ever make Owen and Gwen's audition tapes? seems they never were produced

Wipeout Whale said...

JSYK, Courtney's Audition is NOT on Disc 4 of the TDI dvd...

Noneof said...

i didnt like the bleep. but omg!!!!! i know wat im gonna go!!!!!! thx for the idea!

Noneof said...

Hey Todd! My name is Heather and my brother and I are like, the number one TDI fans out there. While watching The Aftermath: for 2" We thought of an idea. I think it would be soo cool if you made a TDI Cookbook. You could put things like DJ sandwitches, "Mama Spice", Lashawna's Pineapple chunky, Hook line and Screamer Brownies, Killer Bass Kabobs, Gwen's Midnight Blueberry pie. Well, those are just some ideas. I would sooooo buy that if you made and and I'm not the only one either. While I'v got you, great job with season one and two! Like, I have an unhealthy obbsesion with this show! I hope you consider this.

Heather (TDI#1fan)

...Courtneyyy:P said...

:/ That was so realistically scary... I think Courtney's my worst nightmare. o_O

roxy said...

Lol same here Courtney is my biggest nightmare, lmaoo -_O

Anonymous said...

Ohmygosh, the people of CN, or you guys, should TOTALLY make a LIVE ACTION TDI! It would be so freaking hillarious! Cast this chick as Courtney, and hold auditions for everyone else! I'd be a great Heather, if I do say so myself...
Think of the possibilities!!! It would be so awesome!!!

vendetta said...

that was a really good imitation of courtney!!!!!! and to haroldfan 26, that was a good poem.

Anonymous said...

Whoa, she's good...
A. V. G. are you reading this?!

- J

TDI1FAN said...

if u do a live action one i would mak the most amazing gwen or beth!!!!!!! omg!! i would! wait, i still have braces.....but theyll b of soon! hahaha lol

Haroldfan 26 said...

Vendetta! Thanks!! Do you think it's weird that a ninth grade guy writes poems...?

Jade said...

Finally the controversy about episode 14 is cleared! X3 Cartoon Network has a crap load of stuff showing this month o_O Though it wasn't there smartest move to start BTAF season 3 September 11th. ._.
Anyways... Episode 13 every time I watch it [Yes I've been watching it online over and over and over] I keep thinking why does Duncan seem disappointed that Courtney is back? I'd be thrilled if I was Duncan! And for pete's sake I'm just thrilled Courtney is back and I get to see some sort of DuncanxCourtney!
*coughs* Anyways... The CN teaser video for episode 14 is driving me WILD! I want to know why Duncan and Courtney was fighting.
Maybe if I study Spanish and Biology the time will go by faster. o-o...

Lindsayishot said...

@Haroldfan26 Awsome poem!

Katt said...

Ohmygosh, the people of CN, or you guys, should TOTALLY make a LIVE ACTION TDI! It would be so freaking hillarious! Cast this chick as Courtney, and hold auditions for everyone else! I'd be a great Heather, if I do say so myself...
Think of the possibilities!!! It would be so awesome!!!

If that would be true, omygosh, PLEASE hold auditions here in the Us and Canada! If Robert Pattinson(the dude from Twilight) would be casted with a black wig for Trent, I would FREAK!!!!!

pikachuandarceus said... just.. wow. I saw the advert for the next ep. I think loads of cody fans are dissappointed XD

CRRRAZY Sam said...

*claps* good poem!!! im using that for a reading at school!!! is that ok...PLEASE!!!

Vivian said...

firth- Great Poem

and great video
Go Courtney!!!!

Anonymous said...

If I was one of the characters i would be Bridgette but if you were asking me which one i look like the most . . . that would be Izzy!
It is said she will be returning in episode 19
Trust me I know this stuff I live for TDI and TDA and TDM and the season four!

~#1 TDiFan!!!!

Flapjack said...

yes a true fan of SUCKED!!!!! i would make a great trent actor! i play guitar(go ask trent or go look in the talent time comments) i have a shirt for him...(or a borrowed one)

Anonymous said...

I think I could have been better, I even look exactly like Courtney, I sound like her and I've just turned 16!!! If there ever is a live action, it should be me. But never ever do one, because...It won't be Teletoon anymore TOON!! Please it will spoil everything.
*puppy eyes*